Integrated Report 2020

LINTEC Integrated Report 202059 Remuneration of directors (Audit & Supervisory Committee members)This is decided through deliberations by the Audit & Supervisory Committee members, in accordance with the Company’s internal rules on director remuneration and within totals approved at the General Meeting of Shareholders.Remuneration System for Directors (excluding outside directors and Audit & Supervisory Committee members)Basic remunerationBonusesRestricted stocksRemuneration System for Outside Directors (excluding Audit & Supervisory Committee members)Basic remunerationRemuneration System for Directors (Audit & Supervisory Committee members)Basic remuneration2 Total Remuneration by Corporate Officer Type(Millions of yen)Corporate offi-cer typeTotal remuner-ationTotal remuneration by typeNumber of people receiving remunerationBasic remuner-ationRestricted stocksBonusesDirectors(excluding Audit & Supervisory Committee members and outside directors)361266336210Directors(Audit & Supervisory Committee mem-bers) (excluding outside directors)1919––1Outside officers2121––6 Policy on Holdings of Capital Tie-Up SharesThe Company views the establishment and maintenance of stable, long-term relationships with business partners as a matter of importance. For this reason, shares of business partners are held strategically based on a comprehensive evaluation of factors such as the Company’s business relationship with the partner in ques-tion. The Company only acquires such shares when increasing trust and coordination with the business partner is judged as an effective means of mutually raising corporate value. These holdings are reviewed based on this perspective when necessary, and consider-ation is given to reducing them. In exercising voting rights, in regard to proposals made by business partners, the Company comprehensively considers whether or not a proposal will contrib-ute to improved shareholder value. Stockholdings1 Criteria for and Approach to the Classification of Investment SharesThe Company classifies investment stocks held with the objective of receiving profits through stock price fluctuations or stock-related dividends as stocks held for pure investment purposes, and other stocks as investment stocks held for purposes other than pure investment (Capital Tie-Up Shares).2 Stocks Held for Purposes other than Pure Investment Number of issues and amount recorded on balance sheet(Millions of yen)Number of issues (issues)Total amount recorded on balance sheetUnlisted shares1560Shares other than unlisted shares251,195 Information related to number of shares, amount recorded on balance sheet, etc., for specified investment shares and deemed shareholdings, by issueSpecified investment shares (top 10 issues)(Millions of yen)IssueFiscal year ended March 31, 2020Fiscal year ended March 31, 2019Purpose of holding, quan-titative effects of holding, and reasons for increase in the number of sharesWhether or not investee holds shares of the CompanyNumber of shares (shares)Number of shares (shares)Amount recorded on balance sheetAmount recorded on balance sheetToray Industries, Inc.1,160,0001,160,000To maintain and strengthen business relationshipsYes544820Fujipream Corporation936,000936,000Same as aboveNo184270IMURA ENVELOPE CO., INC.200,000100,000Same as above*1Yes11165Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.159,710159,710Same as aboveYes6487KING JIM CO., LTD.76,63076,630Same as aboveYes6366Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd.35,10035,100Same as aboveYes3456ASAHI PRINTING CO., LTD.34,00930,430Same as above*2No3133Arisawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.35,43135,431Same as aboveNo2828OZU CORPORATION16,55316,123Same as above*2No2831Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.206,950206,950Same as aboveYes2535*1The reason for the increase in the number of shares was to fur-ther strengthen sales transaction relationships.*2The reason for the increase in the number of shares was the acquisition of shares through the company’s stock ownership association. Takeover Defense MeasuresThe Company has not introduced takeover defense measures. However, in regard to persons who are engaging in or aim to engage in a large-scale purchase of the Company’s stock, the Company will act from the perspective of securing its corporate value and the common interests of its shareholders. From that perspective, the Company will request that persons who are engaging in or aim to engage in a large-scale purchase provide Financial InformationStrategyOverviewFoundation

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