Integrated Report 2020

LINTEC Integrated Report 202057NameTotal number of meetingsNumber of meetings attendedHiroshi Okada1313Satoshi Ohoka1313Kanako Osawa1313The principal matters audited by the Audit & Supervisory Committee include the following: (1) in regard to the performance of directors, whether or not there are important cases of wrongdo-ing or violations of laws, regulations, or the Articles of Incorporation; (2) whether or not the details of the Board of Directors’ discussions regarding the internal control system, and the status of the establishment/operation of the internal control system, are reasonable; (3) whether or not the business reports, settlement related documents, etc., are in accordance with laws, regulations and the Articles of Incorporation and accurately show the Company’s circumstances; (4) whether or not the independent auditor’s audit methods and results are reasonable; and (5) whether or not a system to secure the proper execution of the duties of the independent auditor has been established. At the end of the period, the committee prepares an audit report that describes the audit methods and details as well as the audit results. In addition, the activities of the full-time Audit & Supervisory Committee member include conducting Audit & Supervisory Committee audits of the head office, work sites, sub-sidiaries, etc., which are implemented in combination with the Audit Office’s internal audits; holding liaison meetings with the auditors of domestic and overseas subsidiaries; and sharing this information at meetings of the Audit & Supervisory Committee.2 Status of Internal Audits P52 DiagramCThe Company has established the Audit Office as an internal audit-ing unit. The Audit Office regularly implements internal audits of divisions, work sites, plants, and affiliated subsidiaries in addition to verifying that operational execution processes and results comply with the law and internal regulations. The Audit Office has the central role in audits in such areas as quality and the environ-ment, which are implemented in collaboration with the supervising division. The Audit & Supervisory Committee receives reports in advance from the Audit Office regarding overviews of internal audit plans and audit items. Following the implementation of internal audits, the Audit & Supervisory Committee receives reports about all of the audit results and evaluations. In addition, the full-time Audit & Supervisory Committee member and the general manager of the Audit Office maintain close communications, including hold-ing monthly liaison meetings to exchange opinions and information.Director Diversity The following table shows the fields in which each director is expected to make an especially strong contribution.NameAttributeCorporate management, management strategy, SDGsProduction, technology, research, ITSales, marketingFinance, accounting, capital policy, M&AAuditHuman resources, labor, human resource developmentLegal affairs, risk manage-mentGlobal experienceKnowledge of other businessAkihiko OuchiMakoto HattoriGohei KawamuraTsunetoshi MochizukiTakeshi KaiyaHiroya KakehashiOutside DirectorAkiko OkushimaIndependent DirectorOutside DirectorHiroshi OkadaSatoshi OhokaIndependent DirectorOutside DirectorKanako OsawaIndependent DirectorOutside Director* The above table does not indicate all of the knowledge of each director.Financial InformationStrategyOverviewFoundation

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