Integrated Report 2020

LINTEC Integrated Report 202051Support for the Prevention of the Spread of COVID-19LINTEC has implemented a variety of support activities for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. Together with PRINTEC INC., a domestic subsidiary, we produced floor markings that call on people to maintain social distancing, and we provided about 600 of them to Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, where LINTEC’s head office is located. To promote social distancing, these floor markings have been installed in front of counters at the Itabashi-ku main government building and other locations. In addition, we have also provided 3,000 stickers that indicate that food takeout is available, and these stickers have been used by restaurants, etc., in Itabashi-ku. Furthermore, with the cooperation of suppliers, we applied our technologies to the production of face shields, which we donated to Itabashi-ku. In this way, we contributed to reducing the burden on health care professionals.Our overseas bases are also providing support to local communities. In response to a request from the local government, MADICO, INC., in the U.S., provided medical institutions in Florida with such items as masks, clean room suits and boot covers, and antiseptic solution. In addition, in response to a serious shortage of face shields, MADICO is producing face shields using its own film materials. These received an international certifica-tion, and a mass production system has been estab-lished. They are being used at local medical and educational institutions, nursing homes, and restaurants.Mangrove planting activities in Indonesiainformation security, and corporate ethics. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, we continued working to maintain and strengthen partnerships and to promote CSR procurement. Through the distri-bution of a questionnaire, we evaluated major suppliers in such areas as management, labor, service, quality, and the environment. Social Contribution ActivitiesRecognizing that it is a member of society and that society and local communities support it, the LINTEC Group returns some of the profits from corporate activities to society through various social contribution activities.LINTEC conducts some support activities on an annual basis for people with disabilities living in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, where the Company’s head office is located. In September 2019, we held our 13th professional baseball-viewing event, inviting about 600 people to Tokyo Dome, including people with disabilities and their helpers as well as elementary school students from local youth baseball teams and their family members. In October 2019, we held a jazz concert as an event to deepen exchange through music without regard to disability status. About 550 people, including people with disabilities and members of the local community, enjoyed the event. We also organize blood drives, cooperate with local events, and support disaster area restoration efforts.As well as head office activities, LINTEC engages in various social contribution activities rooted in local communities, such as cleaning up around each work site, participating in and supporting local festivals, and conducting plant tours. Overseas, our subsidiar-ies give donations to those in need of assistance, plant trees, and provide volunteers for a range of activities. The LINTEC Group will coexist with society by continuing to engage in social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.Jazz concerts deepen exchange with local communitiesFloor markings installed in the Itabashi-ku main government buildingStickers used at res-taurants in a local shopping districtFinancial InformationStrategyOverviewFoundation

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