Integrated Report 2020

LINTEC Integrated Report 202049 Harassment CountermeasuresThe LINTEC Compliance Guidelines, which are distributed to all employ-ees as one facet of CSR manage-ment, expressly prohibit harassment. At management training and CSR study sessions for all employees, we take a thorough approach to foster-ing a correct understanding about harassment. In Japan, we are insti-tuting harassment training for the improvement of workplace environ-ments, which is provided for all employees at LINTEC and Group companies. In addition, we have established the Harassment Consultation Hotline. Moving forward, we will continue working to prevent harass-ment on a Groupwide basis, including overseas. Mental Health SupportTo manage the mental health of Group employees, every year we implement a stress check using a web service. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, the consultation rate was 94%. The results of the consultations are used for under-standing and management of stress levels, and feedback is provided to managers to improve the workplace environ-ment. In addition, we have introduced a program that offers counseling on the telephone or in person, as well as a hot-line that enables consultations with professionals about such concerns as health, child-rearing, and care-giving. In these ways, we are focusing on providing support for the mental health of employees. Employee EducationLINTEC has a Companywide training system based on rank, as human resource education programs tailored to years of continu-ous service and career. In addition, we are taking steps to promote the career advancement of employees, including theme-based training, such as legal training and Companywide information security training, as well as language training for the development of global human resources. We spend approximately ¥30 million per year on increasing the capabilities of employees and human resources development. In other initiatives, the Company’s intranet offers e-learning programs to increase all our employees’ under-standing of topics such as the environment, product quality, the business continuity management system, compliance, and CSR.Compliance Guidelines%(Fiscal years ended March 31)Employment Rate for People with Disabilities202020172016201820192. one-year employment agreements up to the age of 65. We are also considering raising the retirement age to 65. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, our employment rate for people with disabilities was 2.19%, slightly lower than the legally mandated rate of 2.2%. Moving forward, we will continue taking steps to expand employment of people with disabilities, such as improving internal facilities as needed.Female manager ratio (As of the end of March 2020)13%(LINTEC Group, including non-consolidated companies)100%(LINTEC Group, including non-consolidated companies)Rate of return after childcare leave (As of the end of March 2020)Financial InformationStrategyOverviewFoundation

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