Integrated Report 2020

S48LINTEC Integrated Report 2020Foundation Respect for Diversity and Human RightsThe LINTEC Group avoids discriminatory treatment of employees based on race, creed, gender, education, nationality, religion, age, or disability status, thereby respecting diversity. In the areas of recruitment and employment, the Group complies strictly with labor laws and regulations, including the prohibition of unfair discrimination, child labor, and harassment, and endeavors to promote an environment where all employees can go about their work in a positive and energized frame of mind. Every year, we conduct a Groupwide survey of human rights and working condi-tions. As well as checking compliance in Japan and overseas, the surveys confirm that companies are respecting basic human rights and providing safe, healthy workplaces. Furthermore, we have a helpline through which employees can consult with the General Affairs & Human Resources Div. or a lawyer if they have any con-cerns or have witnessed illegal behavior in the workplace. Access has been extended to overseas Group companies and English-language and Chinese-language helplines are also available. Work-Style ReformsIn Japan, the working age population is currently decreasing due to a declining birthrate and an aging population. This has become a major social issue, and the government is advancing work-style reforms to support sustained growth. We are creating workplaces that are more amenable to all employees’ needs and enhancing labor productivity. Realizing Work-Life BalanceLINTEC is taking steps to reduce long working hours and late-night work, including for managers. To encourage employees to take paid leave, in April 2015, we introduced a planned vacation system under which employees designate in advance five days on which they will take paid leave. Since the introduction of this system, the percentage of paid leave taken has increased every year. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015, the year before the introduction of this system, the percentage of paid leave taken was approxi-mately 51%, while in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, this percentage had increased to approximately 67%. Also, in April 2016, we increased the number of days that could be taken for family care leave and the period during which the shorter-hours program could be used for family care. We also increased the children’s age limit in regard to the use of the shorter-hours program for childcare. Moreover, from April 2018, we increased the amounts of retirement allow-ances and young employees’ wages. Also, through a revision of working rules, we expanded the number of days that can be taken for certain types of leave and eased the require-ments for taking certain types of leave. From April 2019, we introduced an interval system that stipulates a certain mini-mum number of hours that must be taken off between peri-ods of work. We are also encouraging the active use of work from home and flex-time systems, and we are advancing measures to address a variety of working styles, including coronavirus countermeasures. Going forward, we will con-tinue striving to establish environments and systems that enable everyone to work with enthusiasm. Diversity-Related InitiativesAs one facet of measures to promote the active participation of female employees, LINTEC has been advancing the awareness of female employees as well as the entire work-place through various types of training for female employees and for managers. We are also working to increase the percentage of women among our managers and supervisors as well as our new hires. In addition, former employees can start to contribute immediately, and accordingly we have introduced the Job Return System, under which we rehire employees who have resigned due to such circumstances as childbirth, family care, or the job transfer of a spouse. In these ways, we are expanding the opportunities for active participation of women in the workplace. We have also established a retiree rehiring program under which we rehire employees who have reached the retirement age of 60, SocietyIn continuing and expanding business activities, creating favorable relationships with all stakeholders is indispensable. The LINTEC Group is advancing initiatives with the aim of establishing employee-friendly workplaces, providing stable supplies of high-quality products, and strengthening partnerships with customers and suppliers. Further, we are actively tackling social contribution activities.Percentage of Paid Leave Taken Fiscal year ended March 31, 2015 Approximately 51%Fiscal year ended March 31, 2020Approximately 67%

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