Integrated Report 2020

Foundation42LINTEC Integrated Report 2020Reevaluation of Material IssuesWith consideration for social issues that continue to change, LINTEC is advancing the reevaluation of its material issue initiatives while engaging in dialog with stakeholders on a daily basis. The new material issues incorporate the SDGs perspective, and, at this point, we have progressed to step 2 of the reevaluation process. Moving forward, we will also make further changes to the KPIs.STEP 4Reset KPIsWith consideration for the material issues that have been specified, we will estab-lish performance indicators for activities and advance toward application.With consideration for the results of steps 1 and 2, we specify key initiatives and receive evaluation and approval from the president, who is the chief decision maker.STEP 3Specify key initiativesWe consider hypotheses and assess importance in conjunction with internal units, such as R&D divisions and the New Project Planning Office.STEP 2In-house engagement (determine priorities)In narrowing down ESG initiatives, we gave consideration not only to changes in various international guidelines and frameworks, such as the SDGs, the GRI Standards, the U.N. Global Compact, and ISO 26000, but also to important ESG initiatives established by ESG evaluation organizations.STEP 1Identify the demands of societyMaterial Issues (Important Issues)With the objective of further advancing CSR activities and meeting the demands of stakeholders, the LINTEC Group has conducted a materiality assessment to identify important issues, and we started full-scale imple-mentation of measures to address these issues from the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017.CSR Promotion System and Material Issues

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