Integrated Report 2020

41LINTEC Integrated Report 2020CSR Promotion SystemLINTEC has established the CSR Management Office, which is under the direct control of the president, and, at all Group companies, we are working to cultivate a high level of ethics and to promote the spread of the CSR spirit. In addition, we have established four CSR committees—the Corporate Ethics Committee, Customer Satisfaction Committee, Social Contribution Committee, and SDGs Committee—with members from across the organization. The CSR Management Office is supporting the activities of these commit-tees. Each committee has an officer in charge, who takes responsibility from a management perspective and leads activities.Aiming to incorporate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into business management and contribute to the resolution of a range of social issues through its core businesses, in February 2018 we launched the SDGs Committee. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, the committee considered ideas for new businesses and innovative products while taking steps to incorporate the viewpoints of third parties, such as interviewing university researchers and visiting facilities in other industries. In April 2020, we launched a western Japan subcommittee, which has further strengthened our initiatives. Moving forward, the committee will advance the process of generating ideas for a specific business model and will aim to plan and propose businesses that can be incorporated into the next medium-term business plan and the long-term vision, which will look ahead 10 years and is currently being formulated.Pick up SDGs CommitteeCSR Promotion System and Material IssuesRepresentative Director, PresidentCSR Management OfficeAudit OfficeCorporate Strategic OfficeAdministration Div.Public Relations OfficeProduction Div.Business Administration Div.Procurement Div.Business Process Re-engineering OfficeQuality Assurance & Environmental Protection Div.Research & Development Div.Domestic and overseas subsidiariesGeneral Affairs & Human Resources Div.Corporate Ethics CommitteeCustomer Satisfaction CommitteeSocial Contribution CommitteeSDGs CommitteeCSR promotion system (As of April 1, 2020)Financial InformationStrategyOverviewFoundation

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