Integrated Report 2020

LINTEC Integrated Report 202039Always Aiming for the Only One, Number One.In April 2020, I became Executive General Manager of the Research & Development Division. Going forward, I will strive to fulfill my duties while fully leveraging the experi-ence that I have obtained on the front lines of development and production operations, as well as in the Intellectual Property Department. First, we will take steps to further enhance LINTEC’s strengths in R&D, which include tradi-tional development and proposal capabilities that facilitate detailed customization to address customer needs. I have a strong commitment to always aiming for the only one, striving to be number one.The Division’s mission has two main components — contribution to current business and creation of new businesses and products. In particular, with a focus on the future, we are currently working with research themes such as thin-film water vapor barrier films, thermoelectric sheets, and high-frequency dielectric heating adhesive sheets. Meanwhile, our R&D base in the U.S. is advancing the development of carbon nanotube related products and other products. For LINTEC, each of these projects is an entirely new technical field that is not limited to extensions of current technologies. To link these efforts to commer-cialization initiatives, we will steadily advance development while cooperating closely with the New Project Planning Office, which handles new market development and mar-keting, and with each business operation.In addition, from the viewpoint of quality control, we are expanding the scope of application of ISO 9001 in the Research Center. Moving forward, we will aggressively implement initiatives with a view toward the acquisition of IATF 16949, a quality management standard for the auto-motive sector in Europe and the U.S. In particular, we have designated the acquisition of IATF 16949 as a Companywide issue. In addition to the perspective of production and quality management, this standard is also closely related to product design itself. Accordingly, our policy will be to start first with the semiconductor-related development sections and then aim to rapidly establish a system for the Research Center overall.A Message from the Executive General Manager, Research & Development Div.Yoshihisa MineuraExecutive OfficerExecutive General Manager, Research & Development Div.FoundationOverviewFinancial InformationStrategy

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