Integrated Report 2020

38LINTEC Integrated Report 2020StrategyResearch and Development3 The Stage Gate SystemUnder this system, R&D themes are divided into the five stages of conception, examination, incubation, R&D, and product development. Rigorous screening is performed at each stage to determine whether to advance the theme to the next stage or to cancel it. The aim is to steadily and quickly give shape to each theme, preventing setbacks in develop-ment through full verification at key points. A central role is played by the R&D Strategy Dept., which works from a long-term perspective to analyze technology trends in each industry and to search for development directions. In addi-tion, close coordination is implemented by the Research Center, the respective business operations, and the New Project Planning Office, an in-house, cross-sectional market-ing unit that was newly established in the previous year. In these ways, we are working to create new value in response to the change of customer needs and markets.Stage Gate SystemConceptionExaminationIncubationR&DProduct DevelopmentCorporateResearchBusinessOperationsMedium- andLong-TermThemesBusiness OperationsBusiness OperationsNew Materials Research Dept., Product Research Dept.New Materials Research Dept., Product Research Dept.New Project Planning OfficeNew Project Planning OfficeR&D Strategy Dept.R&D Strategy Dept.CheckpointCheckpointCheckpointCheckpoint Intellectual Property ActivitiesLINTEC aims to increase corporate value by developing original products that fully satisfy customer needs. We there-fore position intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and design rights acquired through these devel-opment activities as important management resources. While placing the utmost emphasis on respecting the rights of other companies, the Intellectual Property Dept. coordi-nates with respective business operations and R&D departments in promoting strategic intellectual property activities. These activities aim to increase and improve intel-lectual property rights, which are the lifeblood of LINTEC given that it is a technology-centered company. By such means as building a patent portfolio for our foundation and growth business domains and securing intellectual property in step with the globalization of our business, we aim to increase profitability based on intellectual property that has high business value.2,5002,0001,5001,0005001,7972,0411,9472,2151,5991,8481,4361,6992,1712,327202020162017201820190Number of Patents Japan Overseas(Fiscal years ended March 31)

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