Integrated Report 2020

LINTEC Integrated Report 202037 R&D PolicyWe are pursuing R&D with strong determination to ensure that our focus themes make a real contribution to strengthening the competitiveness of existing businesses and creating new businesses and products. LINTEC is working to improve development efficiency and speed based on two key phrases: “Front-Loading Design” and “One-Stop Development.” In addition, through coordi-nation among the Research Center and respective business operations, etc., we have established an R&D scheme called the “Stage Gate System.” Under this scheme, we are taking steps to achieve new value creation, centered on medium to long term themes. LINTEC’s development process  Ordinary development processIdentify issues and risks at initial design stageOperational burdenDevelopment flowLow cost because it is easy to make changesHigh cost because it is difficult to make changes1 Front-Loading DesignWith a focus on carefully surveying customer needs and development processes, this method identifies development issues and risks, to the greatest extent possible, at the initial stage of product development. By implementing counter-measures in advance, we do our utmost to reduce the need to redo work at intermediate stages. This contributes to increased development efficiency and reduced costs.Large-scale pilot coater2 One-Stop DevelopmentThis approach involves simultaneously advancing the development of new materials and the devel-opment of processes for mass production. Through the introduction of large-scale pilot coaters and release agent coating equipment that closely resemble the mass production facilities in plants, LINTEC’s Research Center is able to acquire data, such as data regarding mixtures of adhesives and release agents needed for mass production and environmental conditions for coating. We have had significant success in increasing the speed of development up to mass production.FoundationOverviewFinancial InformationStrategy

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