Integrated Report 2020

TopicsLINTEC Integrated Report 202035In May 2020, we made a full-scale launch in Japan of CHILL AT, a label-stock that is sold in the North American market by U.S. subsidiary MACTAC AMERICAS. This product leverages the hot-melt adhesive formulation technology of this subsidiary. Its distinctive characteristics include the fact that the adhesive is melted by heat for coating on the substrate. As a result, organic solvents are not used in the production process, and the environmental burden is low. In addition, it is compatible with a wide range of temperature environments, from -5°C to 30°C. Accordingly, it can be applied to items on which typical labelstocks are prone to peeling, such as frozen surfaces, surfaces with condensation, and rough surfaces, including cardboard cases used in distribution and conveyance. The four items that were launched in Japan are compliant with the Food Sanitation Law, which was revised in June. Going forward, we will focus on expanding the use of these products in the domestic market.U.S. subsidiary MADICO, offers PROTECTIONPRO, which is a system that enables in-store cutting and application of surface protective films and back decorative films for smartphones and tablets. This system is pro-vided to stores that sell mobile phones. With PROTECTIONPRO, there is no need to have inventories of film for each size of device because the film is cut to match the size and shape of each mobile device. This system has received high evaluations, centered on Europe and the U.S. Moving forward, we will work to further expand sales in markets world-wide, with a view toward the full-scale roll out of the PROTECTIONPRO system in Japan.In line with various mobile devices, the optimal cutting machine can be selected from three options.Back decorative filmsTopic02PROTECTIONPRO — Production System for Mobile Device Protective FilmsIn recent years, automobiles have started to include a large number of on-board displays. LINTEC provides optically clear adhesive sheets that are used to bond resin cover panels to LCD modules, etc. Through an original design, we have solved the issue of resin out-gassing, which can change the shape of adhesive layers. As a result, these sheets have been highly evaluated in the marketplace. In addition, as the electrification of automobiles advances, the number of on-board electronic components is increasing, and demand for semiconductor-related adhesive tapes, etc., is also rising. Targeting further sales growth in the automobile-related products field, LINTEC will continue working to strengthen the development of highly functional, high-quality products.Topic03Highly Functional Adhesive Products Used in the Automobile-Related Products FieldDiagram of an onboard displayLCD moduleGlass with transparent electrodesResin cover panelOptically clear adhesive sheetsFor display labels on refrig-erated and frozen foods and on cardboard casesCan be applied directly to food productsTopic01CHILL AT — Labelstock Suitable for Use in Chilled EnvironmentsFoundationOverviewFinancial InformationStrategy

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