Integrated Report 2020

32LINTEC Integrated Report 2020StrategyBusiness StrategyPaper and Converted ProductsFine & Specialty Paper Products Operations / Converted Products Operations6.¥ BillionOperating Income by Segment(Fiscal years ended / ending March 31)403020102021201720182019202035.3036.437.738.537.1¥ BillionNet Sales by Segment(Fiscal years ended / ending March 31)(Forecast)(Forecast)• Sales networks, delivery capabilities, brand power, and price competitiveness in overseas markets for specialty papers and converted products Weaknesses• ペーパーレス化に伴う紙の需要減退• 輸入パルプをはじめとする主要原材料価格の高騰• 新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大Threats• Increasing demand for high-value-added products overseas• Growing environmental awareness in Japan and overseasOpportunities• Large shares of domestic markets for color papers for envelopes and special function papers as well as original papermaking technologies• Outstanding release agent formulation technologies and coating technologiesStrengths• Reduced demand for paper due to decline in use of paper• Soaring prices for key raw materials, including imported pulp• Spread of COVID-19 infectionThreatsFine & Specialty Paper Products Operations•Color papers for envelopes•Colored construction papers•Special function papers•High-grade printing papers•High-grade papers for paper productsConverted Products Operations•Release papers for general-use adhesive products•Release papers for electronic materials•Release films for optical-related products•Casting papers for synthetic leather•Casting papers for carbon fiber composite materialsMain Products

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