Integrated Report 2020

A Message from the Executive General Manager, Industrial & Material OperationsIn the fiscal year under review, our mainstay window films recorded favorable results in Japan and in overseas mar-kets, centered on Southeast Asia. However, adhesive prod-ucts for motorcycles and automobiles were sluggish due to the influence of weak market conditions in India and other factors. Overall, we faced challenging conditions.Shuji MorikawaManaging Executive OfficerDeputy Executive General Manager, Business Administration Div. and Executive General Manager, Industrial & Material OperationsWe handle a wide range of products, including window films, which have high profitability and are a pillar of our operations. In cooperation with U.S. subsidiary MADICO, INC., we are working to roll out a strategy targeting further growth in our global market share for window films. In particular, we are taking step to enhance the recognition and promote the use of our automotive window films in the Southeast Asian market. Moreover, from a medium to long term perspective, an important issue is the strengthening of cooperation with U.S. subsidiary VDI, LLC, which is a manufacturer of functional films. This will contribute to the expansion of our business not only in window films but also in a wide range of other areas. Through synergies with VDI’s original technologies in upstream fields, such as metal deposition for films, we will aim to develop higher-value-added products.In addition, we will continue to focus on proposals of systems for the on-line sales industry, centered on labeling machines. Our strengths include the coordination and provision of total systems that include picking and packag-ing in distribution warehouses. Going forward, we will strive to leverage these strengths and aim to further expand the use of these systems.Strategy28LINTEC Integrated Report 2020Business StrategyIndustrial & Material OperationsBusiness Operations IntroductionThese operations manufacture and sell a wide range of products. Our window films offer various functions, such as cutting out heat and ultraviolet light when they are attached to building and automobile windows, and preventing shattering when glass is broken. Other products include decorative films for interiors, films for outdoor signs and advertising, motorcycle- and automo-bile-use adhesive products for such applications as vehicle body decoration and protection, industrial-use adhesive tapes for bonding components in mobile and other devices, and labeling machines for efficient automated labeling.403020102021201720182019202033.635.636.134.630.60¥ BillionNet Sales: Industrial & Material Operations(Fiscal years ended / ending March 31)(Forecast)

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