Integrated Report 2020

A Message from the Executive General Manager, Printing & Variable Information Products OperationsLINTEC Integrated Report 202027Business Operations IntroductionAccounting for approximately 36% of the sales of the LINTEC Group, these are its largest operations. They manufacture and sell adhesive papers and films for labels, which are used in a wide range of fields. We have a leading share of Japan’s market for adhesive films, which have particularly high added value. Overseas, we are working to expand our manufacturing and sales network, mainly in Asia, and we are focusing on increasing sales in the North American market, centered on U.S. company MACTAC AMERICAS, which we made a subsidiary in 2016.Our results in the fiscal year under review were affected by the extremely challenging conditions. In the domestic market, consumer spending was sluggish, and due to a cool summer and warm winter, sales of food, cosmetics, and apparel-related products slumped. Overseas, MACTAC AMERICAS, our production subsidiary in North America, increased its net sales through initiatives to secure new customers and other measures. However, we were unable to sufficiently pass the higher costs of raw materials and fuel through to selling prices, and profits worsened substantially. In addition, our operations in China were affected by a marked slump due to U.S.-China trade friction.Trends such as the current move away from the use of plastics and the accompanying move to eliminate plastic labels are a threat to the LINTEC Group, which has strengths in the field of high-value-added adhesive films for labels. Nonetheless, I believe that the more-rapid implementation of wide-ranging measures to address these needs for envi-ronmentally friendly products will lead to significant business opportunities. We are currently working in collaboration with Fine & Specialty Paper Products Operations to aggressively advance the development and launch of a special-function paper base for use as a substitute for plastic. In addition, we are taking steps to strengthen our lineups of items using recycled PET film, biomass materials, etc. Also, for adhesive Masaaki YoshitakeSenior Executive OfficerDeputy Executive General Manager, Business Administration Div. and Executive General Manager, Printing & Variable Information Products OperationsPrinting & Variable Information Products Operationspapers for labels, our policy is to steadily expand the conver-sion to international forest-certified paper. In addition to increasing sales of these environmentally friendly products, we are taking steps to improve our earnings structure, such as creating synergies with MACTAC AMERICAS and reducing costs in the areas of material procurement, production, and distribution. We will work toward a recovery in our results and business growth in Japan and overseas.FoundationOverviewFinancial InformationStrategy1007550252021201720182019202088.9086.886.887.155.1¥ BillionNet Sales: Printing & Variable Information Products Operations(Fiscal years ended / ending March 31)(Forecast)

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