Integrated Report 2020

26LINTEC Integrated Report 2020Strategy• Long record of supplying numerous customers and large market share in domestic market• Ability to provide comprehensive solutions that combine adhesive products for labels and labeling machinesStrengthsBusiness StrategyPrinting and Industrial Materials ProductsPrinting & Variable Information Products Operations / Industrial & Material OperationsPrinting & Variable Information Products Operations•Adhesive papers and films for labels•Adhesive papers and films for barcode labelsIndustrial & Material Operations•Window films•Interior finishing mounting films•Films for outdoor signs and advertising•Automobile-use adhesive products•Industrial-use adhesive tapes•Labeling machinesMain Products140105703520212017201820192020122.50122.4122.9121.785.7¥ BillionNet Sales by Segment(Fiscal years ended / ending March 31)(Forecast)4321202120172018201920200.¥ BillionOperating Income by Segment(Fiscal years ended / ending March 31)(Forecast)• Brand power and price competitiveness in overseas markets• Profitability of manufacturing subsidiaries in U.S. and IndonesiaWeaknesses• Global growth in needs for environmentally friendly solutions• Growth in on-line sales marketOpportunities• Sluggish growth for the domestic market as a whole, full-scale entry into the domestic market by large overseas manufacturers• Emergence of local manufacturers in Southeast Asia’s market and other markets and intensification of competition• Spread of COVID-19 infectionThreats

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