Integrated Report 2020

LINTEC Integrated Report 202025A Message from the Executive General Manager, Business Administration Div.Emphasizing profitability, breaking away from low-profit operationsI became Executive General Manager of the Business Administration Div. in April 2020, and I am now working with a focus on two priority issues. The first involves recon-firming our understanding and organization of the Group’s traditional strengths. I would like to ascertain once again whether these strengths are based on distinctive technical capabilities, on network or sales capabilities that can be rolled out in Japan and overseas, or on some other impor-tant factor. The second priority issue is to analyze the main causes for the recent trend toward low profits for the Group. I believe that the careful verification of these two issues will enable LINTEC not only to formulate the next three-year plan but also to draw a road map for 10 years into the future.The scale of the Group’s sales expanded after we acquired three companies in Europe and the U.S. at the end of 2016. Now, our priority is to focus on operating income. For example, the label related businesses in Printing & Variable Information Products Operations account for more than one-third of our sales, but we cannot expect significant sales growth in these businesses simply by engaging in price competition in Japan and overseas. MACTAC AMERICAS, LLC, which we acquired, has annual goodwill amortization of approximately ¥3.0 billion, and continues to record operating losses. However, it has strengths that LINTEC did not previously have, such as a sales network in the North American market and processing technologies for hot melt adhesives, which have a low environmental burden. Moving forward, we will further strengthen collaboration with this subsidiary and aggressively propose high-value-added products for which needs are expanding around the world, including environ-mentally friendly products.Moreover, we believe the development of products that can drive the Group’s results in the future is an urgent task for LINTEC. Accordingly, in July 2019, we established the Next Generation Innovation Group as a unit that will develop and launch innovative new products. Furthermore, in April 2020 we significantly strengthened the New Project Planning Office, which implements comprehensive plan-ning/proposals by widely rolling out distinctive technologies held by each business operation. Through these initiatives, we will work to accelerate the creation of new products and new businesses.Takeshi KaiyaDirectorManaging Executive OfficerExecutive General Manager, Business Administration Div.FoundationOverviewFinancial InformationStrategy

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