Integrated Report 2020

LINTEC Integrated Report 20202320212017201820192020808060604040202000787843.543.542.341.651.258.651.258.6786666¥% Cash Dividends per Share Dividend Payout Ratio (right)Cash Dividends per Share / Dividend Payout Ratio(Forecast)the Business Administration Div., Research & Development Div., and Production Div. will collaborate more closely and implement initiatives in such areas as the launch of new businesses and new products, the reduction of costs, and the management of selling prices. In addition, we will work to improve asset efficiency by increasing awareness of inventory turnover and non-current asset turnover in each business operation. Shareholder ReturnsLINTEC regards the enhancement of returns to sharehold-ers as one of its most important management issues. In distributing profits, our basic policy is to provide stable and continued dividends with consideration for each fiscal year’s consolidated performance, while also working to strengthen our management foundation. In accordance with this basic policy, for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, we paid a dividend of ¥78 per share. With regard to dividend payments for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021, we plan to pay a dividend of ¥78 per share, the same as in the previous year, and we expect a consolidated divi-dend payout ratio of 51.2%.In addition, we are also considering an emphasis on the DOE (dividend on equity) ratio as a dividend policy indicator under the next medium-term business plan. We believe that establishing a minimum level for DOE will facilitate our aim of paying stable, ongoing dividends while maintaining a connection with results. Moving forward, we will continue working to further enhance shareholder returns through improvements in our results.My Mission as CFOIn formulating our long-term vision, which looks ahead 10 years, I believe that my mission as CFO is to increase profitability and capital efficiency and to enhance corporate value. In order for the Group to achieve its goals, I will work in cooperation with the Business Administration Div., etc. to see that people on the front lines understand the KPIs for each business operation, as well as the signifi-cance of those KPIs. In this way, I will strive to improve profitability and capital efficiency. Furthermore, I will provide support from the financial side so that we can steadily implement necessary growth investment and environment-related investment while maintaining our strong financial foundation. Through these initiatives, I will strive to increase ROA and achieve ROE that is higher than the cost of equity and to meet the expectations of share-holders and investors.(Fiscal years ended / ending March 31)FoundationOverviewFinancial InformationStrategy

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