Integrated Report 2020

LINTEC Integrated Report 202017Capital Expenditures151296302016201720182019202012.9¥ Billion¥12.9 billionNumber of Employees1,0003,0002,0004,0005,0002016201720182019202004,9484,948 Non-financial InformationOn a consolidated basis, the number of employees was 4,948, an increase of 60 employees year on year. On a non-consolidated basis, LINTEC had 2,584 employees.Capital expenditure totaled ¥12.9 billion due to the expansion of the release film coating facility at the Agatsuma Plant (Gunma Prefecture); the introduction of equipment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; production base restructuring accompanying the management rationalization at MADICO, INC., in the U.S., etc. Depreciation and Amortization Amortization of GoodwillCO2 Emissions20162017201820192020250200150100500163Thousand tons163  thousand tonsDepreciation and Amortization / Amortization of Goodwill15129630201620172018201920209.¥ BillionDepreciation and Amortization¥9.5 billionAmortization of Goodwill¥3.3  billionAs a result, CO2 emissions volume was down 16 thousand tons year on year, to 163 thousand tons. This was attributable to the installation of new facilities at production bases to reduce environmental impacts, lower production volumes, etc.Depreciation and amortization was ¥9.5 billion. Also, amortization of goodwill was ¥3.3 billion, due principally to the amortization of goodwill resulting from the acquisition of MACTAC AMERICAS, LLC at the end of 2016.Toluene Handling Volume / Toluene Emission Volume10,0008,0006,0004,0002,0000201620172018201920207,652464TonsR&D Expenses2016201720182019202010864207.9¥ Billion¥7.9 billionToluene Handling Volume7,652 tonsToluene Emission Volume464 tons Toluene Handling Volume Toluene Emission VolumeToluene is a volatile organic solvent that is mainly used during adhesive and release agent coating processes. Our toluene han-dling and emission volumes declined year on year due to prog-ress with solvent-free products, etc.R&D expenses were ¥7.9 billion, with Printing and Industrial Materials Products accounting for ¥2.9 billion; Electronic and Optical Products for ¥3.7 billion; and Paper and Converted Products for ¥1.3 billion.Financial InformationFoundationStrategyOverview

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