Integrated Report 2020

12LINTEC Integrated Report 2020OverviewLINTEC’s StrengthsThree Major Strengths that Support GrowthLINTEC has continued to record stable growth since the merger of its three predecessor companies in 1990. The strengths that have supported the growth of the LINTEC Group are an integrated production system for adhesive products that leverage core technologies in such areas as adhesive applications; distinctive positions that have been built in a wide range of fields; and aggressive business development in overseas markets.We use original papermaking technologies and coating, impregnation, and laminating technologies to develop spe-cial function papers and high-value-added materials that transcend traditional concepts of paper.Through the development of adhesives and substrates and the combination of related technologies, we are expanding the range of fields in which the basic functions of adhesive products, primarily adhesion and release, are utilized.Four Core Technologies Through the chemical and physical processing of the sur-faces of paper and film, we are enhancing their character-istics and adding new functionality.Through the systemization of machinery and equipment and building high-level systems that draw on the distinc-tive characteristics of materials, we are providing advanced solutions.Release base paperPapermakingExternal sales of products that leverage specialty paper production technologiesExternal sales of products that leverage release technologiesRelease paper / filmRelease agent development and coatingAdhesive development, coating and attachmentAdhesive paper / filmAdhesive layerSurface improvement agent development and coatingSurface improvement layerFacestock (paper / film)Release material (paper / film)Release agent layerPaperMaterialsEquipmentSurface improvementAdhesive applicationsSurface improvementSemiconductor-related equipment / labeling machineAdhesive applicationsSpecialty papers and release materials productionSpecialty papers and release materials productionSystem developmentIntegrated production for adhesive productsDevelopment of equipment that draws out the characteristics of materialsSystem developmentTotal Solutions with Materials and EquipmentIn addition to the development and coating of adhesives, LINTEC also conducts business activities extending from production of release base paper to release agent coating on papers and films and improvement processing of facestocks which are the base for adhesive products. In this way, we have built an integrated production system for adhesive products, and in our mainstay adhesive operations, we have established a competitive advantage in terms of quality, cost, and delivery. In addition, by developing and manufacturing related equipment that fully draws out the special characteristics of our adhesive products, we are providing total solutions that include materials and equipment.Achieving Integrated Production of Adhesive Products1

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