The LINTEC Group’s Advantages —Integrated Production System for Adhesive Products and Provision of Comprehensive SolutionsThe LINTEC Group has realized an integrated production system for adhesive products. In addition to developing adhe-sives and related coating processes, we have independently established a variety of technologies that enable operations covering the manufacture of base paper for release papers through to the development of release materials and related coating processes as well as facestock coating processes. Our ability to manufacture and procure release papers and lms for adhesive products in-house gives us advantages in terms of quality, costs, and delivery lead times. Moreover, by combining various processing technologies, we create adhesive products catering to needs in diverse elds. Also, for areas other than adhesive products, we bring to market numerous unique products, such as industrial-use release papers and lms as well as specialty papers that are designed for use with upstream technologies.Meanwhile, we develop equipment that maximizes the properties of our adhesive materials. These include label printing machines, labeling machines for the automated application of labels to packaging, and semiconductor-related equipment. In this way, we offer comprehensive solutions that incorporate materials and equipment and which provide us with another advantage.An Array of Products from Three Business SegmentsThe LINTEC Group comprises three business segments: Printing and Industrial Materials Products, Electronic and Optical Products, and Paper and Converted Products, which roll out a diverse selection of products that respond to mainstay and growth areas. We supply a wide range of industries without being dependent on a particular industry. This business structure enables us to generate earnings stably because we are not susceptible to the market volatility of any one industry. Integrated Production System for Adhesive ProductsPrinting and Industrial Materials ProductsElectronic and Optical ProductsPaper and Converted ProductsPapermakingRelease Agent Development and CoatingAdhesive Development and Coating, and BondingSurface Improvement ProcessingBase PaperRelease AgentAdhesiveSurface ImprovementBase Paper / FilmFacestockThrough our showrooms and website, we work to deepen stakeholder understanding of our original products and technologies.Related Equipment Development


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