Related Information1. Information by product and serviceSince the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries disclose the same information in its segment information section, it has been omitted.2. Information by geographical segmentMillions of yenThousands of U.S. dollars2016JapanAsiaOthersTotalJapanAsiaOthersTotalSales¥128,239¥70,301¥11,960¥210,501$1,138,084$623,906$106,148$1,868,139Property, plant and equipment50,30312,9141,64164,859446,427114,61414,564575,607Note: Sales information is based on location of customers and it is classied by country or region.Millions of yen2015JapanAsiaOthersTotalSales¥126,914¥69,593¥10,747¥207,255Property, plant and equipment45,94513,9011,65561,503Note: Sales information is based on location of customers and it is classied by country or region.3. Information by principal customersMillions of yen Thousands ofU.S. dollars201620152016Name of the customerRelated reportable segmentSalesSumitomo Chemical Company, LimitedElectronic and Optical Products¥―¥21,383$―Since there are no outside customers that make up more than 10% of net sales on the consolidated statement of income for the year ended March 31, 2016, it has been omitted.Information on impairment losses on noncurrent assets by reportable segmentThere is no impairment loss on noncurrent assets for the year ended March 31, 2016.Millions of yen2015Printing andIndustrial MaterialsProductsElectronic andOpticalProductsPaper andConvertedProductsTotalConsolidationImpairment loss¥—¥—¥—¥—¥674Note: Since companies, ofces, and factories serve as the base for administrative classication of segment’s assets, no allocation to the segment of the enterprise is done.LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 201666:: FINANCIAL SECTION


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