Consolidated Statement of Cash FlowsLINTEC Corporation and its consolidated subsidiariesYears ended March 31, 2016 and 2015 Millions of yen Thousands ofU.S. dollars (Note 1)201620152016Cash flows from operating activities:Profit before income taxes ¥16,799 ¥ 17,555 $149,090 Depreciation and amortization8,800 8,713 78,102 Amortization of goodwill 71 76 636 Increase (decrease) in net defined benefit liability788 (4,671)7,000 Increase (decrease) in allowance for doubtful accounts(72)(57)(646)Interest and dividend income (367)(391)(3,258)Interest expenses 18 21 167 Loss (gain) on sales of property, plant and equipment (9)(300)(85)Loss on retirement of property, plant and equipment 163 325 1,455 Decrease (increase) in trade notes and accounts receivable 966 1,449 8,577 Decrease (increase) in inventories 582 (30)5,170 Increase (decrease) in trade notes and accounts payable (1,485)(2,090)(13,185)Loss (gain) on sales of investment securities(0)(0)(0)Increase (decrease) in provision for environmental measures(2)7 (21)Impairment loss—674 —Loss (gain) on liquidation of subsidiaries—(69)—Special retirement expenses438 —3,893 Loss on abolishment of retirement benefit plan265 —2,354 Other, net (792)(1,125)(7,029)Subtotal26,166 20,086 232,221 Interest and dividend income received382 397 3,390 Interest expenses paid(18)(21)(167)Income taxes (paid) refund(6,534)(4,976)(57,990)Special retirement expenses paid(66)—(593)Net cash provided by operating activities 19,928 15,485 176,860 Cash flows from investing activities:Payments into time deposits(9,653)(10,353)(85,668)Proceeds from withdrawal of time deposits9,957 11,084 88,370 Purchase of property, plant and equipment (9,810)(6,299)(87,069)Proceeds from sales of property, plant and equipment 26 472 231 Purchase of intangible assets(455)(195)(4,044)Purchase of investment securities (15)(12)(139)Proceeds from sales of investment securities0 0 0 Purchase of shares of subsidiaries—(0)—Proceeds from liquidation of subsidiaries—105 —Payments of loans receivable(5)(2)(50)Collection of loans receivable2 34 19 Other, net 56 61 501 Net cash used in investing activities (9,898)(5,104)(87,849)Cash flows from financing activities:Increase (decrease) in short-term borrowings —185 —Cash dividends paid (3,824)(3,103)(33,942)Purchase of treasury stock(2)(2)(23)Repayments of lease obligations(217)(214)(1,926)Other, net 0 0 0 Net cash used in financing activities (4,044)(3,135)(35,891)Effect of exchange rate change on cash and cash equivalents (1,712)2,363 (15,196)Net increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents 4,273 9,608 37,922 Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year 56,050 44,992 497,432 Increase in cash and cash equivalents from newly consolidated subsidiary0 1,449 0 Cash and cash equivalents at end of year (Note 12)¥60,323 ¥ 56,050 $535,354 The accompanying notes are an integral part of the consolidated nancial statements.LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 201650:: FINANCIAL SECTION


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