SECOND STAGE OF CREATIONIn April 1990, FSK merged with SHIKOKU PAPER CO., LTD., a supplier of release papers and other items, and SOHKEN KAKO CO., LTD., another manufacturer of adhesive materials, resulting in a fresh start as LINTEC Corporation.In 1991, we entered the eld of optically functional lms for liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Subsequently, we established a base in Singapore—the rst of a series of bases that we estab-lished in Southeast Asia and which are the pillars of our current operations in the region. In this manner, we globalized our business. Also, 1995 saw the completion of the building for the Research & Development Division’s research center, which leads our technological development. STAGE OF GROWTH ACCELERATIONSince the turn of the century, the LINTEC Group has accelerated globalization of its businesses by establishing new manufactur-ing bases in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand. At the same time, we have reinforced manufacturing and sales systems through such measures as expanding our network of sales bases that have warehouses and slitting facilities. In 2015, we established a regional headquarters in Singapore to increase our competitiveness in the rapidly growing Southeast Asian and Indian markets. In the same year, we strengthened R&D capa-bilities even further by establishing the Advanced Technology Building adjacent to our existing research center in Japan.LINTEC KOREA, INC.1990s2000s to todayResearch CenterAdvanced Technology BuildingOptically functional lms for LCDs3LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2016


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