From the time of its establishment in 1927 as FUJI SHOKAI, the LINTEC Group has been developing leading-edge technologies and products and steadily broadening its business eld. Since the 1990 merger of three companies to form LINTEC Corporation, the Group has been stepping up globalization. Today, LINTEC products play important roles in a wide range of countries.STAGE OF CREATION – STAGE OF BUSINESS BASE BUILDINGEstablished in 1927 as a manufacturer of gummed tape for packaging, FUJI SHOKAI reorganized to form FUJI SHIKO CORPORATION in 1934 and began operations in earnest. At that time, demand was rising rapidly for cardboard boxes to replace wooden boxes in the transport of foods and other goods. This trend spurred demand for gummed tape to seal cardboard boxes. In 1960, we began selling adhesive papers for seals and labels and subsequently entered the adhesive lm eld, thereby laying the foundations of our current mainstay businesses.STAGE OF ENTRY INTO GROWTH BUSINESSESIn the early 1970s, we started developing label printing machines and began operations in China. In the late 1970s, we developed colored adhesive lms for use in body stripe stickers on motor-cycles in response to the growth in domestic motorcycle sales. In addition, the rapidly increasing need for lms for such applications as outdoor signs led to the widespread adoption of our special adhesive lms in the motorcycle, automobile, and interior and exterior decoration elds.In 1984, we changed our name to FSK CORPORATION. In 1986, we entered the semiconductor eld by developing an ultraviolet (UV)-curable dicing tape that allows for adhesive strength to be controlled by irradiation of UV rays.Gummed tapeTime of establishment“A-100 type” label printing machineLINTEC’s History:: COVER STORY1920s to 60s1970s to 80sUV-curable dicing tapeLINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 20162


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