Social Contribution ActivitiesThe LINTEC Group is supported by society and local communities. Recognizing that it is a part of this, and through various social contribution activities, the Group returns some of the prots it has made through its corporate activities to society. Going forward, we will endeavor to maintain harmony with society by actively engaging in social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.Support for People with DisabilitiesLINTEC holds various support activities on an annual basis for people with disabilities living in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, where its head ofce is located. In October 2015, we hosted a jazz concert with the aim of deepening interactions among attendees through music, regardless of whether they had or did not have a disability. This was the fth time that we hosted this concert and, on this occasion it was enjoyed by approximately 700 people, comprising people with disabilities living in Itabashi in addition to other local area residents.Furthermore, the professional baseball-viewing event we held in May 2016 marked the 10th time the event has been held. Through this event, a total of 135 people, including people with disabilities and their helpers, were invited to Tokyo Dome to watch a professional baseball game. We also invited an addi-tional 330 people consisting of elementary school students belonging to youth baseball teams and their coaches from Itabashi. Before the game began, the children took part in elding practice and base running on the playing surface, an experience that will no doubt be remembered by many of the participants. These sports-related social contribution activities have earned the Company recognition, and in December 2015 we were certi-ed as a Sports Promotion Company by Tokyo Prefecture.Professional baseball-viewing eventActivities at Each Work SiteIn addition to cleanup activities around each work site, LINTEC is engaged in various other social contribution activities with their roots in the community, including participating in and supporting local festivals, conducting plant tours, collecting and making donations of money and products for municipalities as well as local groups and facilities, and holding tree-planting activities. Moreover, we have been organizing blood drives for many years at work sites nationwide, which have become established among our employees as a social contribution activity that they can easily participate in.Support for Earthquake Disaster ReconstructionLINTEC is engaged in activities to support reconstruction efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011. In the scal year ended March 31, 2016, we continued programs conducted in the previous year, including providing support in the form of monetary donations collected from our employees, the Company, and others to disaster-stricken Ofunato City, in Iwate Prefecture. These funds are being used to maintain the grounds at junior high schools within the city and purchase instruments for school brass band clubs. Moreover, since 2014 we have been holding an annual event showcasing products from Fukushima Prefecture at our head ofce, thereby support-ing producers in the disaster-affected area that are worried about the nancial damage to their livelihoods from harmful rumors or misinformation about the safety of foods from Fukushima Prefecture.Seeking to support victims of the severe earthquakes that impacted areas around Kumamoto Prefecture in April 2016, we made donations to the disaster zone through the Japanese Red Cross Society of ¥10,000,000 from the Company and ¥1,820,000 collected from employees of Group companies in Japan and overseas.31LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2016


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