Environmental PreservationUnder the slogan, “We have to broaden our scope when working to support the environment. There is only one earth,” the LINTEC Group has established environmental management systems. We are committed to reducing environmental impact as an intermediary materials manufacturer and developing environmentally friendly products.Environmental ManagementWe have acquired global integrated certication under the ISO 14001 international standard for a total of 25 sites, including the Company’s head ofce, 11 overseas Group companies, 11 domestic factories, a research center, and domestic Group company TOKYO LINTEC KAKO, INC. In light of the 2015 revision of ISO 14001, we will work to achieve compliance with the revised standards and obtain global integrated certication for overseas Group companies as we strengthen Companywide efforts toward environmental preservation.Reduction of Environmental ImpactThe LINTEC Group is working toward the realization of a sustainable society and the creation of products with low environ-mental impact. For the scal year ended March 31, 2016, due to an increase in our production volume, total energy use rose 0.3% from the previous scal year. However, the rate of energy consumption per unit of production declined 3.0%. We surpassed our target for annual CO2 emissions of 203,000 tons, by achieving a reduction to 200,000 tons. Further, we are engaged in efforts to reduce the amount of waste generated in our production activi-ties and the amount of water used in the papermaking process in addition to the implementation of measures to reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including organic solvents, that are released into the atmosphere.Environmentally Friendly ProductsThe LINTEC Group has embraced the rise in environmental awareness of recent years, and continues to develop products to meet a wide range of environmental needs, including those that are conscious of reuse, recycling, and energy-saving principles. In doing so, the LINTEC Group will continue to offer a lineup of products that are environmentally friendly.Label Materials Facilitating Reuse of Glass Beverage ContainersIn order to ensure efcient reuse of various containers, it is necessary for the labels applied to these containers to be easily Window lmsremoved. We provide label materials for returnable bottles that has been optimized for use on glass sake bottles. While main-taining superior water tolerance during normal use, these label materials can be easily removed after bottles have been collected by washing them with a weak alkaline solution (water temperature of more than 70°C), thereby facilitating bottle reuse.Solar Insulation Film for Glass for Improving Air-Conditioning EfciencyWindow lms can be applied to window glass in buildings and automobiles for various effects. Of these lms, our high- transparency-type solar insulation lm maintains the natural light inside the room and preserves the view through the window, while signicantly cutting the thermal energy from solar radiation that causes internal temperatures to increase and improving the efciency of air conditioners in the summer.Label materials for returnable bottles29LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2016


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