:: THE BASE THAT SUPPORTS GROWTHHuman ResourcesThe LINTEC Group employs approximately 4,200 people (on a consolidated basis) in 16 countries and regions around the world. Diverse human resources are important assets to the Group, and its strength is characterized by a corporate culture nurtured over an 80-year history that values “harmony among people” and “stand out of the crowd” individuality in its employees, while maintaining a deeply rooted awareness of innovation across the entire Company. LINTEC strives to create a pleasant working environment for everyone and is engaged in the enhancement of its systems and the education of its employees.Respect for Diversity and Human RightsThe LINTEC Group avoids discriminatory treatment of employ-ees based on race, creed, gender, education, nationality, reli-gion, or age, thereby respecting the diversity of individuals. In the areas of recruitment and employment, the Group complies thoroughly with labor laws and regulations, including the prohi-bition of unfair discrimination, child labor, and harassment, and is pushing forward with the creation of workplace environments in which all employees can happily and actively do their jobs.In addition, we have established a helpline through which employees can consult with the General Affairs & Human Resources Division or a lawyer if they have any concerns or have witnessed illegal behavior at the workplace. In the scal year under review, availability of this helpline was extended to overseas Group companies.Employment of People with DisabilitiesThe Group’s employment ratio for people with disabilities for the scal year ended March 31, 2016, was 1.94%, which, while higher than in the previous scal year, was still slightly below the legally mandated rate of 2.0%. Going forward, we will strive to increase our employment ratio for people with disabilities through measures such as the improvement of on-site facilities as required.Rehiring SystemsTo expand working-style options for its employees, the Group has introduced a job return program to rehire ready-to-work employees that had previously resigned for personal reasons such as childbirth, nursing care of a family member, or the transfer of a spouse to a different location. We have also intro-duced a system to rehire employees that wish to continue working past the mandatory retirement age of 60 on xed-term one-year contracts up to a maximum age of 65.Work-Life BalanceLINTEC is working to help employees balance their profes-sional and personal lives so that they will be able to perform their jobs with peace of mind and exercise their full abilities. In addition to the establishment of no-overtime days, which aims to deter employees from working excessively long hours, and the implementation of a extime system, LINTEC is working toward the enhancement of programs that allow employees to match their working style to their lifestyle. This includes the introduction of a planned vacation system to encourage employees to take paid leave and a paid social contribution time-off program. Further, in the scal year ending March 31, 2017, we will continue promoting the creation of environments in which employees can work with peace of mind through such measures as extending the length of periods of leave and shortening work hours through the family care program and includes expanding the eld of eligibility for shorter work hours for the childcare program.Employee EducationLINTEC has introduced Companywide rank-based training programs, which are human resource education programs tailored to an individual employee’s years of continuous service and career. Moreover, with objectives such as promoting second-language acquisition and encouraging women to take on a more active role in the workplace, we hold theme-specic group and correspondence training courses to promote the education of globally competent human resources and the career progression of female employees. Further, we are engaged in efforts to boost Companywide employee under-standing of various themes, such as the environment, product quality, the business continuity management system (BCMS), and CSR, through e-learning programs offered via the Company’s intranet.LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 201628


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