(Fiscal years ended March 31)Number of Patents2,0001,2001,6008004000201220132014201520161,6991,436White craft paper with superior water-repellent capabilitiesMoreover, our light diffusion lms utilize proprietary designs and can be specially customized to meet customer needs, offering a competitive advantage. We anticipate that these lms will be adopted for display and signage applications. We aim to expand sales of these products as we develop new functional adhesives and coatings.Through these and other R&D activities, this segment incurred R&D expenses of ¥3.8 billion.Paper and Converted ProductsIn paper products, we launched white craft paper with superior water-repellent capabilities that make it ideal for use in envelopes as it protects contents from rain and other sources of dampness. Moreover, this paper is compatible with offset printing and laser printing, both of which were difcult with conventional water-repellent papers, and can also be appropri-ately coated with adhesive when forming the paper into envelopes. We aim to expand application of this paper for envelopes as well as for wrapping paper, lunch mats, maps, book pages, and other articles. We also released a new oil resistant paper, which we anticipate will see increased sales growth going forward.In release materials, we launched newly developed products with the goal of acquiring new customers and expanding applications for our casting papers for carbon ber composite materials. In addition, we are striving to enhance our existing range of environmentally friendly products and have been pushing ahead with the development of a solvent-free release coating formula as we sequentially introduce products that are matched to customer needs to the market.Through these and other R&D activities, this segment incurred R&D expenses of ¥1.4 billion.Intellectual Property ActivitiesThe LINTEC Group aims to increase corporate value by developing original products that meet customer needs. We therefore rank intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, and design rights, which we have acquired through these development activities, as important management resources. While placing the utmost emphasis on respecting the rights of other companies, the Intellectual Property Department of the Research & Development Division promotes strategic Companywide intellectual property activities. These activities include seeking to uncover new invention candidates at R&D sites for expanding intellectual property rights, which are the lifeline for a technology-centered company.Accordingly, while linking activities such as patent portfolio building for our foundation and growth business domains with our business strategy, we aim to improve protability based on intellectual property.Sealing of OLED Material with High-Barrier FilmsJapanOverseasWater vapor prevented from entering through endsWater vapor prevented from entering through basesAdhesiveOLED materialHigh-barrier lmHigh-barrier lm27LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2016


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