New Adhesive Products for Seals and LabelsAdhesive products for seals and labels come in many diverse forms based on the applications for which they are to be used. As a leading company in this eld, LINTEC has a history of offering ne-tuned responses to the demanding performance needs of Japanese companies. At Labelexpo Europe 2015, the world’s largest label-related exhibition, which was held in autumn 2015, we made a global announcement of eight newly developed products, including the following four products.Revolutionary Bubble-Free LabelstockIt is not uncommon for air to remain trapped when using standard adhesive lms for seals and labels, meaning that they sometimes do not stick neatly. In addition, when such lms are attached to plastic molded products, the minuscule amounts of gas released from plastics can, over time, result in bubbles. LINTEC has succeeded in developing new adhesive lms that limit the appearance of bubbles. These lms employ a revolutionary manufacturing method that entails intentionally creating cracks in the adhesive surface to form grooves running in random directions. These grooves allow for air to escape, making the lm easy for anyone to apply while preventing the occurrence of bubbles. These lms are especially suited to the name and display labels attached to consumer electronics and electronic devices as well as to large labels under which air is easily trapped during application.Oil-Tolerant Labelstock / Oil- and Water-Repellent LabelstockLINTEC’s oil-tolerant labelstock undergoes a unique adhesive treatment so that they can be applied even to steel plates and other oily surfaces. They are thus suited for use as control labels for industrial applications, including on steel products and automotive parts, and as display labels for foods and cosmetics. Our oil- and water-repellent label-stock, meanwhile, utilizes a special surface coating to repel water and oil, allowing for easy runoff even when the surface to which they are applied is only slightly slanted. It is therefore ideal for use as protective lm for helmet visors or as over-laminating lm for oil-tolerant labelstock.Recycled PET LabelstockThis labelstock features adhesive lms with facestock comprised of more than 80% polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin recycled from PET bottles, the world’s highest level for recycled PET resin content, and recreates the same physical properties of labelstock that uses non-recycled PET lm. As a labelstock that helps conserve fossil resources, this product received the Award for Sustainability at the Label Industry Global Awards 2015, which was presented at a special forum during Labelexpo Europe 2015. This award is bestowed upon superior eco-friendly products that contribute to the realiza-tion of a sustainable society. As the rst Asian company to receive this prestigious award, LINTEC was able to make a lasting impression on the eco-conscious European market.23LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2016


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