Front Lines of R&D —Creation of Innovative New ProductsUnder the LINTEC Group’s medium-term business plan, LIP-2016, we dene one of its key initiatives as “Create innovative new products that will support the next generation,” based on which we are developing new products and reinforcing our research foundations. LINTEC is working to improve the efciency of development in consideration of two keywords: “front-loading design,” which entails scrutinizing customer needs and devel-opment processes from the initial R&D stages, and “one-stop development,” in which materials and the processes for their mass production are developed side-by-side. In addition, the start of full-edged operations at the new Advanced Technology Building research center completed in May 2015 is anticipated to contribute greatly to increased speed in future product development projects.In this feature, we will take a look at the front lines of the LINTEC Group’s R&D activities, which will include introductions of recently launched products, products under development that are expected to drive future growth, and initiatives at an R&D base in the United States.:: MANAGEMENT STRATEGYSpecial FeatureLINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 201622


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