Business OverviewFine & Specialty Paper Products OperationsCentered on businesses in Japan, these operations manufacture and sell color papers for envelopes and colored construction papers, products for which the Group has the leading share in domestic markets; oil resistant papers for food packaging; lint-free papers that are used in places such as clean rooms and cause hardly any dust even when torn; high-grade printing papers with special textures; and high-grade papers for paper products used for business cards and postcards.Main Products• Color papers for envelopes• High-grade printing papers • Colored construction papers• High-grade papers for paper products• Special function papersNet Sales: ¥17.0 billion (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2016)In the scal year ended March 31, 2016, mainstay color papers for envelopes performed steadily, and sales of functional papers, such as oil resistant papers and construction material papers, grew. Also, a new water-repellent, printable paper for envelopes earned strong market endorsement.In addition, we were able to proactively conduct market surveys with a view to business expansion overseas. We will concentrate efforts on growing sales of function papers for food-related products and construction materials-related products in regions centered on Asia. We also want to increase the pace of new product development, including collaborations with academia. As the world becomes increasingly paperless, we will establish target proles for Fine & specialty paper products operations ve years and ten years in advance and take measures steadily to realize them.Business StrategiesToshimi SugayaGeneral Manager, Fine & Specialty Paper Products Operations, Business Administration Div.Paper and Converted Products:: MANAGEMENT STRATEGYLINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 201620


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