This business segment comprises Printing & variable information products operations and Industrial & material operations. In the scal year ended March 31, 2016, the business segment recorded net sales of ¥87.6 billion, accounting for 41.6% of the Group’s net sales. Operating income was ¥2.8 billion, or 15.8% of the Group’s operating income.Industrial & Material OperationsThese operations provide a wide range of products, from window lms that are applied to window glass to save electricity or achieve glass shatter-proong through to automobile-use adhesive products, tapes for bonding components in mobile devices and other devices, label system-related equipment, and adhesive sheets for outdoor signs and interior nishing.Main Products• Window lms• Labeling machines• Automobile-use adhesive products• Films for outdoor signs and advertising• Industrial-use adhesive tapes• Interior nishing mounting sheets • Barcode printers Net Sales: ¥33.5 billion (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2016)In the scal year ended March 31, 2016, the goal of our window lm operations was to step up the global sales strategy. However, these operations agged as MADICO recorded lackluster sales of its products in the Chinese market. We view rebuilding the company with respect to quality and costs as well as strategies for sales as one of our priority tasks. Also, we will increase our share of the Southeast Asian market by further accelerating the establishment of sales channels for window lms, realizing full-capacity operations at a new coating facility introduced in Thailand in the scal year ended March 31, 2016, and launching new products that reect demand in local markets.Sales of motorcycle- and automobile-use adhesive products are brisk and largely in line with plans. We will continue focusing efforts on acquiring new customers for these products among overseas manufacturers. In these operations, we intend to advance forward-looking business strategies, includ-ing M&A, more boldly than ever.Business StrategiesShuji MorikawaDirector, Executive OfcerGeneral Manager, Industrial & Material Operations, Business Administration Div.17LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2016


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