LIP-2016 Key Initiatives1. Further promote global development(1)Expand overseas businesses with a particular focus on Asian region(2)Establish rm business foundations in new regions2. Create innovative new products that will support the next generation(1)Explore new markets and demand by creating new products(2)Enhance the base of our research and development in order to create new products3. Transform into a robust corporate structure(1)Strengthen cost competitiveness(2)Select and concentrate our management resources4. Promote strategic M&A(1)Clarify the targets that are suited to a growth strategy(2)Strengthen the system to promote M&A5. Foster human resources(1)Secure and foster global human resources(2)Implement continuous stratied trainingInitiatives in the Second Year of LIP-2016 (2)We concentrated efforts on creating innovative new products while actively implementing capital investmentVarious types of newly developed adhesive products for seals and labels for which we undertook a simultaneous global unveiling at the exhibition in Belgium met with a favorable reception, and we have begun the staged marketing of these products in Japan and overseas. Also, the full-edged adoption and practical application of leading-edge high-barrier lms and light diffusion lms that we have developed is now within sight. Further, the seeds of products with the potential to become future mainstays of operations are emerging steadily, such as thermoelectric sheets and new transparent conductive lms for organic electro luminescence lighting and thin-lm solar cells. In other initiatives, our U.S. R&D base, the Nano-Science & Technology Center, is conducting research in new areas that are completely different from our existing technological elds, including technology for processing carbon nanotube into sheets and products related to articial muscle. These initiatives are expected to contribute signicantly to the LINTEC Group’s business results in the future.:: MANAGEMENT STRATEGYA Message from the PresidentLINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 201612


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