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Highlight 2 Starting the SDGs Committee to Build a Sustainable Future

Incorporating SDGs into Management from the Perspective of Aggressive CSR

With the growing worldwide interest in the SDGs as an important issue to be tackled on a global scale, businesses are activating their initiatives on SDGs. Firms that are considering operating existing business in new fields and developing new business in light of the SDGs are increasing. It is also said that initiatives for SDGs can be one of the keys to gaining a competitive advantage. Under these circumstances, Lintec established the SDGs Committee to practice specific activities for the fourth key initiative set under LIP-2019, "activities for realizing a sustainable society", as well as for one of items of the Guide to Action for the 125th Fiscal Period, "Build on CSR foundation and collaborate with society to build a sustainable future".

The SDGs Committee, with Director Hattori serving as an officer in charge of promotion and the CSR Management Office serving as secretariat, comprises 26 members from a wide variety of sections, including research, production, and sales. Starting with the kick-off in February 2018, the committee plans to meet a total of 10 times by March 2019. In March 2018, the committee identified items in the 17 SDGs that have a strong relevance to the materiality (important issues) of the Lintec Group, and verified the current contribution and possibility of future contribution to achieving the goals. The committee has also selected Lintec products that greatly contribute to achieving specific SDGs.

To share the SDGs with all employees and instill them internally, the committee provides an e-learning program on a regular basis. Through the committee activities, we will review, in stages, initiatives to incorporate SDGs into management and contribution with our core business from the perspective of aggressive CSR.

What are the SDGs?

"SDGs" stands for Sustainable Development Goals. In September 2015, the United Nations adopted the SDGs, comprising 17 goals and 169 targets, to be achieved by its member states in the 15 years from 2016 to 2030. The SDGs are considered common goals for all persons on planet Earth and businesses are regarded as important players.

Lintec's initiatives

Mangrove planting

Solar panels at the Doi Plant

Waste heat boiler updated to increase energy efficiency

From the Officer in Charge of Promotion

Makoto Hattori Director, Managing Executive Officer Executive General Manager, Business Administration Division Officer in charge of promoting SDGs Committee

To Be a Company Contributing to Addressing Social Issues

The SDGs, comprising 17 goals and 169 targets, cover awide variety of themes. Therefore, our SDGs Committee values diversity and appoints members from a wide range of sections and from different age groups. Even at our company, opportunities for diverse groups of employees to engage in free and frank discussions and review business are limited. So this initiative is very significant.

The committee is scheduled to evaluate its activities in March 2019, but that is not the goal. We will continue and develop activities by unfailingly implementing PDCA cycles,including rebuilding the activity plan for the next fiscal year from the perspective of management. Incorporating SDGs into management will help us become a company that is contributing to addressing social issues from a position of being closer to society than ever before. In that sense, this initiative represents a new start. As an officer in charge of promoting the committee, I will work with the committee members working at the frontline of their respective sections to create a path forward for the Lintec Group.

SDGs as an Extension of DailyOperations and CSR Activities

Employees who are not participating in the committee may not be familiar with the term "SDGs". In fact, SDGs are not special but rather encompass universal themes, such as decent work, climate action and peace. I hope employees of the Lintec Group will become aware that the SDGs are an extension of their daily operations and CSR activities and will work on their daily tasks and activities with pride. The company will support such efforts.

Director Hattori, officer in charge of promotion,declaring the kick-off of the SDGs Committee

Joining mangrove planting that contributes to attainment of the SDGs