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Creating Workplace Environments Where Diverse Human Resources Work Together

Respecting the diversity of individual employees*, Lintec is creating workplace environments where all employees can feel comfortable and cooperate with each other.

  • *Respect for diversity: Respecting individuality in people and diversity in groups leads to the right people being assigned to the right jobs, the solving of problems by the application of diverse perspectives, and the generation of unique ideas.

Promoting Diversity through Cooperation between the Human Resources Department and the Committee

The issue of "diversity" is recently attracting attention as an important theme in corporate organization management. In the belief that incorporating various perspectives and ideas into its organization is crucial in achieving corporate growth, Lintec promotes initiatives to ensure diversity.

In terms of diversity, social focus is often on gender, nationality, religion, or other attributes, but Lintec aims at creating workplace environments where employees with diverse lifestyles and ideas can work actively, exercising their abilities to the full. We ensure that our activities are pragmatic by examining necessary initiatives and improving them one by one from the bottom up.

To facilitate such initiatives, Lintec established, in July 2016, the Diversity Committee as a successor to the Active Women's Work Committee to Empower Women in the Workplace, which carried out activities for three years from July 2013. The General Manager of the General Affairs & Human Resources Division chairs the new committee, and the Human Resources Department serves as the secretariat. To create a cross organizational committee, one manager and one female employee are selected from each of the Head Office, sales, production, and R&D divisions as committee members.

Key activities of the committee are putting forth employee needs and raising individual employees' awareness with a view to changing mindsets. The Diversity Committee works together with the Human Resources Department, which is in charge of developing programs, to develop and revise programs that support employees and create comfortable and rewarding workplaces.

To Be a Company with a Diverse and Hardworking Workforce

Diversity Committee members

Diversity Committee members

As its first step in its first year, the Diversity Committee conducted a companywide survey in fiscal 2016 to identify top priority issues among the four themes that employees are likely to encounter in their work. Subsequently, the committee determined the order of priority through discussion, formulated a two-year action plan, and started to work on the issues.

The committee decided to carry out specific activities under the main themes of supporting employees engaged in family care in fiscal 2017 and supporting employees suffering from injury or illness in fiscal 2018.

The committee also works on the ongoing activity themes of empowerment of female employees and empowerment of employees who are rehired after reaching retirement age.
The survey revealed that diversity requires not only the enhancement of systems but also the operation of such systems and understanding among co-workers. Therefore, in parallel with approaches of the four themes, the committee will step up its efforts for awareness raising to provide workplace environments where employees can cooperate with each other.

What Lintec emphasizes most in promoting diversity is sharing visions and goals. We will carry out discussions with top, middle, and lower management, and raise employees' awareness to promote aligned activities across the company.

Result of employee survey
Activities of the Diversity Committee
1 Supporting employees engaged in family care
  • Discuss initiatives to promote understanding
  • Discuss flexible working styles
  • Discuss changing the upper limit of unused leave
  • Discuss remote family care support
  • Support work-family care balance (distribute a booklet on how to use the system, continue to provide training)
2 Supporting employees suffering from injury/illness
  • Understand/verify situations after revising the program, conduct activities to penetrate the program
3 Program to rehire employees who have reached retirement age
  • Discuss the program to rehire employees who have reached retirement age (understand needs of employees at different workplaces and how they think of job classifications regarding working styles after age 60)
    [To be discussed first by the Production Division Working Group]
4 Female empowerment
  • Discuss initiatives to promote understanding
  • Discuss flexible working styles
  • Support return to work
Common items
(supporting employees engaged in family care, female empowerment, supporting employees suffering from injury/illness)
  • Initiatives to enhance publicizing activities
Action Plan based on the Female Empowerment Promotion Act
Target 1 Raise the average percentage of females in the total number of new hires (graduated from university/graduate school) to over 30%

April 2016

  • Continue to raise employee awareness to promote employment of female students.
  • Improve job/workplace environments and review/creatively improve the way of working.
  • Appoint female recruiters to conduct employment screening for each job classification.
Target 2 Raise the percentage of female supervisors (section chiefs) to over 10%

September 2016

  • Continue to provide diversity management training for managers to raise awareness for creating workplaces where diverse human assets can exercise their abilities to the full.

November 2016

  • Continue to provide female empowerment/career-building trainingfor female employees to raise women's awareness of female empowerment initiatives, their career development, and future working styles.

February 2017

  • Consider review of training programs for career development.

Plan period: 3 years from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2019