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Highlight 2 [CSR Workshops]
Aggressive CSR for the Creation of Corporate Value

In 2015, the Lintec Group started CSR Workshops with the goal of creating new business models and mechanisms to solve social issues so that it can respond to stakeholder demands and achieve sustainable growth with society.

Creativity Supporting Sustainable Growth

Having set "creating innovative new products” as one of key initiatives in its medium-term business plan, LINTEC INNOVATION PLAN 2016 (LIP-2016), the Lintec Group aims to provide society with new values for sustainable growth. To that end and to respond to a changing society and stakeholder expectations, we believe the practice of aggressive CSR is important.
The Lintec Group carries out all its business activities, as well as CSR, based on the company motto, "Sincerity and Creativity". Defensive CSR, which is the basis of our business activities, represents "Sincerity". Meanwhile, aggressive CSR, including creating innovative products, is driven by ideas inspired by "Creativity". To enable individual employees to further demonstrate "Creativity” so that the company is able to create values, the Lintec Group launched CSR Workshops primarily for young and middle-level employees.

Practice of Aggressive CSR by Individual Employees

In 2015, the first fiscal year of the workshops, 36 young and middle-level employees from all departments participated in a total of five CSR workshops in six months. The workshops were designed to help individual employees learn the essence and methods of CSR and become able to practice aggressive CSR. The 36 participants were grouped into six teams. Each team held in-depth discussions to create new business models and mechanisms and develop proposals in light of social issues. Each workshop offered a seminar by an external guest speaker to provide the participants with an opportunity to gain new knowledge and awareness.

Aims to Create New Values for the Lintec Group

At the first workshop titled, "Think about the Connection between Social Issues and Business", the participants identified social issues related to the Lintec Group by taking into account the latest social trends, including United Nations SDGs*1. At the second workshop, they presented their opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the company, from standpoints that vary between departments. At the third workshop, based on the social issues and the company's discussed strengths and weaknesses, each team thought about what Lintec aspires to be by 2020 using the backcasting*2 method, and what they should do now to that end. At the fourth workshop, each team gave a presentation in preparation for submitting their proposals, while actively providing other teams with comments that may help them further review and improve the presentation content. Finally, at the fifth workshop, each of the six teams presented its business model for solving social issues. Some of the proposals developed after the six-month discussions and brainstorming were associated with uniqueness or potential stated in the LINTEC WAY, and are being worked on to be materialized in the future.

  • *1 SDGs stands for Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations adopted SDGs comprising 17 goals and 169 targets in September 2015.
  • *2 Backcasting: A method that first defines desirable conditions or situations in the future and then works backwards to identify what to do now to create that future.

Practicing Individual CSR

As the first series of CSR workshops ended, participants provided feedback, including the following: "I became more aware of the relationship between CSR and business”; "I realized that innovation is made through communication between various people”; and "All employees should have an attitude of aggressive CSR to face various issues". Each workshop was very rich in content, helping the participants to understand the essence of CSR and motivating them to practice CSR in their workplaces.
The Lintec Group will continue to provide workshops and other opportunities to help individual employees practice aggressive CSR with "Creativity".

Comments from participants

  • The workshop allowed me to discuss, think, and create proposals from scratch with people from departments that I have no contact with in my daily operations. The sense of accomplishment was something I had never felt since I joined the company. I am glad that I participated in the workshops. I am also aware that the workshops widened my personal perspective.
  • I realized that businesses can change society, regardless of their scale. That finding motivates me in my work every day.
  • I found the workshop very difficult, but realized the importance of CSR through the problem-solving process. I got more and more involved in the subject each time. I had a very meaningful time at the workshops.
  • I want to use what I learned in my work. Communication and opinion exchanges with people from other departments will definitely be assets for me in the future.
  • I was particularly impressed by the backcasting approach. I find the concept very helpful and will use it in my work.