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Highlight 2 Thinking About What LINTEC Aspires To Be by 2025

At the Lintec Group, we strive to fulfill our CSR with all employees in the Lintec Group proactively thinking, taking the initiative and conducting activities with a sense of unity. With the goal of helping individual employees understand the Lintec Group's CSR to make Lintec a company that continues to be trusted by society, we held workshops in August and September 2014 to discuss what Lintec aspires to be by 2025.

Workshop program1st workshop: August 5, 2014 (Tue), 2nd workshop: September 2, 2014 (Tue)

[Part 1] Getting Future-oriented

Lecture 1: What Is CSR?
Lecture 2: What Is Sustainable Society?
Group work:
Picture an ideal society in 2025.

Participants from various departments

Participants from various

[Part 2] Developing Indicators for Measuring Gaps

Lecture: What Are Indicators for Measuring Gaps?
Group work:
Develop a sustainability indicator

The lecturer giving advice

The lecturer giving advice

[Part 3] Making CSR One's Own Issue

Group work:
1) Discuss an ideal of Lintec in 2025
2) Develop an indicator for measuring the gap between Lintec in 2014 and Lintec in 2025
3) Develop an action plan

Each team giving a presentation

Each team giving a

Participants' voices

  • I had imagined myself ten years from now as my personal goal, but not my company in ten years. So, the workshop was a good experience.
  • I had never tried the method of thinking about the present based on an ideal future. It was very helpful.
  • I had never participated in such a workshop. It gave me a chance to deeply think about CSR.
  • The workshop gave me a chance to recognize the importance of thinking about CSR in-depth as my own issue, not someone else's.
  • It helped me to understand that CSR is not a mindset but something we must practice.
  • I realized once again that we should be aware of an ideal and make efforts daily.

Thinking of CSR as One's Own Issue to Remain a Sustainable Company

With the globalization of management, in fiscal 2014, the Lintec Group steered its CSR activities toward global standards, including identifying materiality (see page 8). In order for the Lintec Group as a whole to conduct CSR activities with a sense of unity in line with the globalization of its activities, it is crucial for individual employees to proactively consider how they will carry out the activities.
Accordingly, in August and September 2014 Lintec held workshops titled "Thinking About What LINTEC Aspires To Be by 2025” to help employees think about CSR as their own issues.
With the help of external lecturers, each workshop was attended by 36 employees who discussed the ideal vision for Lintec in 2025.

New Awareness and Future Initiatives for Lintec in 2025

New Awareness and Future Initiatives for Lintec in 2025

At the workshops, employees from various departments were grouped into six teams to work on three-part group work.
In parts 1 and 2, the participants listened to lectures on what CSR is and indicators for measuring gaps. In part 3, which was designed to make CSR one's own issue, each team used the backcasting method to think about an ideal vision for Lintec in 2025 and exchanged opinions on how to attain the ideal. Subsequently, each team discussed what individuals should do and suggested ideas for drawing up an action plan. After the group work, all teams gave a presentation and received comments to share their ideas among all participants. Opinions presented by the teams on an ideal vision for Lintec in 2025 included "further expanding overseas operations and establishing new businesses” and "being a company where all employees understand the same direction and share a vision".

Some participating employees said, "The workshop helped me think about actions I should take from now on", and "I realized that whether or not we all can share the same view of sustainable society is a big challenge". The external lecturers commented, "Within the limited time, participants provided their honest ideas about what the Lintec Group should be. I hope that Lintec will continue such cross-sector dialogues to take new initiatives for active CSR".

The workshops provided employees in various positions, regardless of age or section, with a precious opportunity to think about and share the Lintec Group's CSR and what Lintec aspires to be by 2025.

Based on these workshops and its principle of fulfilling CSR through all employees proactively thinking, taking the initiative and working with a sense of unity, the Lintec Group will plan workshops for specific initiatives in order to practice aggressive CSR through its business.

  • *Backcasting method: A method to think about an ideal situation for the future and think backwards about what to do to attain the goal.
Tadahiro Tomino

Tadahiro Tomino
Team Leader, Adhesive Material Laboratory, Product Research Department, Research Center

Comment by a Participant

I used to think that CSR activities are corporate-level activities or charity. However, the workshop helped me to realize the importance of accumulating and achieving immediate goals to attain sustainable growth. It is me who walks the LINTEC WAY. I will set the goal of active CSR, which is generated by giving pleasure and being aware of sincerity as a working person and by aspiring to be creative as a researcher. The workshop was a good opportunity to change how I look at CSR.