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Highlight 1 What Individual Employees Think About the LINTEC WAY

In fiscal 2014, we hosted CSR study sessions at each business site. The LINTEC WAY, which is an important value based on the company motto "Sincerity and Creativity” to encourage integrated CSR activities, has steadily spread among group employees. Highlight 1 features what individual employees think about the LINTEC WAY.

The Way to Go LINTEC Way
Always be sincere Faithfulness opens people's mind Please people Be a giver Care about colleagues and family Be committed until you succeed Be proud of being unique Be resilient and take advantage of changes Think globally Look for connections to potential everywhere

SincerityAlways be sincere

  • Akihiko Ouchi

    It's my principle to act honestly, seriously, and faithfully without pretense.
    Akihiko Ouchi
    Representative Director, Chairman and CEO

  • Hiroyuki  Nishio

    All rules are important. If I were to choose one, I would pick this rule. I must never forget to sincerely do my best as a person.
    Hiroyuki Nishio
    Representative Director, President, CEO and COO

  • Gohei Kawamura

    To be trusted by customers, I always try to be honest and deal with things to the best of my ability.
    Gohei Kawamura
    Director, Managing Executive Officer

  • Makoto Hattori

    I believe it is important to constantly strive to be sincere in order to fulfil the social responsibility of the business (i.e., to continue development and growth).
    Makoto Hattori
    Director, Executive Officer

  • Liu Yan Hua

    If I live honestly and sincerely, I will have a gentle spirit without guilt.
    Liu Yan Hua
    Lintec (Suzhou) Tech Corporation

  • Rosana Alvarado

    It is essential to do my job honestly.
    Rosana Alvarado
    Lintec Advanced Technologies (Philippines), Inc.

  • Neils Bray

    One of the very important ways to breed good character is to "always be sincere".
    Neils Bray
    Chicago Office, Lintec of America, Inc.

  • Felix Malabanan

    I believe that sincerity opens people's minds.
    Felix Malabanan
    Lintec Philippines (Peza), Inc.

  • Punsub Leksomboon

    To make better working environments, we should be sincere with colleagues and care about their families.
    Punsub Leksomboon
    Lintec BKK PTE Limited

  • Nobuko Kawashima

    I believe this rule is necessary to fulfill our responsibility as a manufacturer and maintain trusting relationships.
    Nobuko Kawashima
    Fukuoka Branch

  • Nanako Onodera

    Daily operations accumulate and lead to quality improvements.
    Nanako Onodera
    Kumagaya Plant

  • Kevin Ingkie Barnabas Nassom

    The rule can create a good relationship, better understanding and build trust among workers.
    Kevin Ingkie Barnabas Nassom
    Lintec Industries (Sarawak) SDN. BHD.

  • Eiji Sonoda

    It means to work on your job seriously.
    Eiji Sonoda
    Osaka Lintec Kako, Inc.

  • Akihito Fujiwara

    Being sincere is the most important attitude for us.
    Akihito Fujiwara
    Lintec Sign System, Inc.

  • Mika Yamaoka

    It's my motto!
    Mika Yamaoka
    Head Office (Audit Office)

  • Megumi Tozaki

    The rule is important as it applies to everything.
    Megumi Tozaki
    Shizuoka Branch

  • Fumitaka Hato

    The rule is important not only in my work but also in my life.
    Fumitaka Hato
    Niihama Plant

  • Ryuji Takahashi

    I want to do everything with gratitude.
    Ryuji Takahashi
    Chiba Plant


SincerityFaithfulness opens people's mind

  • Hitoshi Asai

    My basic policy is to think simply and act straightforwardly.
    Hitoshi Asai
    Director, Vice President Executive Officer, CFO

  • Takashi Nakamura

    Not only in ordinary relationships but also in business, there is no honesty without mutual trust. Honesty is the foundation of customer satisfaction. Trusting each other and doing things honestly will make each other happy.
    Takashi Nakamura
    Director, Managing Executive Officer

  • Toshio Yamamoto

    If you speak to a person honestly while considering his or her position, he or she will respond likewise.
    Toshio Yamamoto

  • Yurie Miura

    I'll try to act always with honesty.
    Yurie Miura
    Sendai Branch

  • Sarni Pujiyanto

    I'll do my job always with honesty and a peaceful mind.
    Sarni Pujiyanto
    PT. Lintec Indonesia

  • Ayaka Ishikawa

    I want to treat everyone with respect.
    Ayaka Ishikawa
    Lintec Commerce, Inc.

  • Yosuke Tsuchiya

    I want to value each and every customer.
    Yosuke Tsuchiya
    Lintec Customer Service, Inc.

  • Yohei Noguchi

    I have realized that honesty among people is universal, despite regional or racial differences.
    Yohei Noguchi
    Lintec Europe B.V.