Sharing Lintec's CSR with colleagues around the World

The Lintec Group is carrying out activities that will instill a CSR spirit based on the company motto of "Sincerity and Creativity", and in order to fulfill its responsibility as a global company. This does not merely involve communicating rules in writing; the group is carefully selecting face-to-face activities that convey the heart of CSR.

The practice of CSR leads to stronger management as a global company.

Hiroyuki Nishio
Director, Managing Executive Officer
General Manager, Corporate Strategic Office and CSR Management Office

Lintec's company motto, "Sincerity and Creativity", is the starting point of the CSR spirit in the company. "Sincerity" means thinking about what can be done that will be of benefit and appreciated and tackling every task with all one's heart. "Creativity" means to work constantly to innovate and improve, seeking greater added value without being satisfied with the status quo. In order to share this way of thinking with all group companies employees, in November 2011 Lintec started holding CSR briefings for 12 group companies in Asia. In fiscal 2012, the briefings will be held for five companies in the U.S. and Europe. During the briefings, we explain the company motto and what CSR is and describe its objectives and some example activities.
Within the Lintec Group, each group company outside Japan comes up with and puts into practice its own ideas. On the other hand, group companies need to comply with the UN Global Compact, which the group joined in April 2011.
I feel certain that through these briefings in and outside Japan we obtained a common view and approval of Lintec's CSR, above religion and nationality. Furthermore, promoting CSR has increased opportunities for interaction among business divisions and organizations, which I expect will contribute to smoother business operations.
Going forward, we will consider concrete measures, including globally common initiatives. In this Highlight section, we report how employees of group companies around the world felt about and became committed to CSR during the briefings.