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Mangrove Planting: Protecting People and the Community by Nurturing a Healthy Forest

PT. Lintec Indonesia has been carrying out mangrove planting since 2016. By planting mangroves in cooperation with its sales office, PT. Lintec Jakarta, local residents, and participants from a local fisheries university and following up their growth through periodic observation of the growing conditions, the company contributes to the creation of a better community environment as well as to the livelihoods of local people.

Doing What We Can to Be of Assistance to This Country

Doing What We Can to Be of Assistance to This Country
Doing What We Can to Be of Assistance to This Country
Doing What We Can to Be of Assistance to This Country

Indonesia has more mangroves than anywhere else in the world. Many have already been cut down, however, to create aquaculture ponds and develop ports in coastal areas. The country had 3.058 million hectares of mangrove forests in 1990, but this had dropped to 2.244 hectares in 2015.*

Compared with typical trees in Japan, mangrove forests are said to absorb twice the amount of CO2 per unit of area. As various living organisms can hide in the forests, they are also called "peri-urban woodlands of the ocean" and play a significant role in conserving biodiversity. In addition, because each tree develops an extensive root system, they can prevent land erosion by waves and protect coastal areas from large waves and tsunamis. Land erosion has been a serious issue, especially in the area where PT. Lintec Indonesia carries out its tree planting, and residents in the coastal area have no choice but move to inland.

In the face of such circumstances, PT. Lintec Indonesia hoped to be of assistance to the country through its activity specific to Indonesia and started mangrove planting in 2016. The scale of the activity has been expanded year by year through trial and error, inviting participation from PT. Lintec Jakarta (sales office), local residents, and a local fisheries university, with the hope of helping to improve the livelihoods of local people and create a better community environment.

In 2019, the fourth year, a total of 112 people engaged in the activity to plant 2,500 seedlings. Participants accessed the target areas by boat from the nearby anchorage. While some had to struggle to avoid being swept off their feet due to the low water level on the day and the argillaceous tidal flats, they helped each other and completed the task without any major problems.

Contributing to the Community in Cooperation with Local People

Tomonori Kawakami

Tomonori Kawakami
PT. Lintec Indonesia

PT. Lintec Indonesia started weeding and cleaning the area near the plant during the national green month (green April) in around 2013, when I was the plant manager. As we hoped to engage in activities more specific to Indonesia, a group of employees voluntarily started to plant mangroves in 2016.

Today, a local fisheries university asks us to deliver a lecture, and we are able to communicate to many people the difficulties involved in planting as well as the sense of fulfillment felt through participation in the activity. The Lintec Group exists as a global company thanks to the support of society. By carrying out what we can do in cooperation with local people in each region, we hope to keep growing with society.

Record of mangrove planting

First planting

April 2016

Planted 1,500 seeds.

July 2016

The seeds sank under the water due to a rise in water level and backwashes caused by fishing boats, and about 1,000 of them died.
As the survival rate* was around 30%, observation of the growing conditions came to take place once every three months.

Second planting

April 2017

Planted 2,500 seedlings about 50 cm tall, including to replace the 1,000 that died in the previous year.
The survival rate was around 80%, and stable growth was confirmed.

Third planting

April 2018

Planted 2,000 seedlings about 80 cm tall.
Wave absorbing dykes to protect the seedlings from backwashes caused by fishing boats and fences to prevent soil runoff were installed.

Fourth planting

April 2019

Planted 2,500 seedlings about 80 cm tall.

  • *Survival rate: The proportion of planted plants that take root and start to grow
Growth of mangrove trees
Planting areas
Total area 1.89 hectares
Total number of trees planted 8,500 trees
Total participants 312 persons
Annual CO2 absorption Approx. 43.8 t/year
(Average amount based on the assumption that mangroves have a lifespan of 30 years)

Expanding Community-Based Activities

We have been involved in the administration of mangrove planting since it started. At the beginning, we knew neither how to plant mangroves nor how to find landowners but nevertheless managed to plant in a section thanks to the cooperation of many people. Although we were almost discouraged when more than half of the seeds we first planted sank under the water, the survival rate has been increasing each year since we started to observe the growing conditions once every three months and replant those likely to sink. Mangrove planting has expanded to other locations. We would like to continue to stay close to local communities and carry out community-based activities.

Daisuke Goto
Engineering Department
PT. Lintec Indonesia

Quality Assurance Department
PT. Lintec Indonesia