Providing Value to Customers

Quality Assurance

Manufacturing in the Lintec Group is based on the company motto "Sincerity and Creativity". Individual employees work on manufacturing with an awareness of quality, the environment and safety. We are taking on new challenges, never satisfied with the status quo, to deliver safer, more reliable products. The Lintec Group continues to address challenges in manufacturing for the future.

Lintec Group Quality, Environmental and Business Continuity Policies

Quality Assurance System

The Lintec Group has established a quality assurance system based on ISO 9001*. To operate the quality assurance system more efficiently, we have integrated the systems of each business division into a group-wide QMS. We will continue to improve customer satisfaction on the basis of the quality assurance system.

Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification
  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Number of sites certified 21 19 16
By region Japan 10 9 5
Asia and others 9 9 9
Americas 2 1 2
  • *ISO9001: The international standard for quality management systems
  • Number of certifications obtained decreased in some locations

Quality Incident Prevention and Education

Total participants in quality education program 505 employees
  • Scope: Lintec Corp., Tokyo Lintec Kako, Inc., Shonan Lintec Kako, Inc., Lintec Customer Service, Inc. and Printec Corp.

The Lintec Group believes that operating a quality management system effectively is necessary to maintain and improve the quality of products and services. To this end, it is important to deepen the understanding of ISO 9001 as an entire group, especially to improve the ability of internal auditors, who are in charge of checking the quality management system.

To develop internal auditors based on such a stance, we formulate and implement annual training plans for three stages: knowledge on ISO 9001, understanding of requirements, and internal audit techniques. All employees are making concerted efforts for quality improvement to meet customer demands.

Ratio of quality accidents
Ratio of quality accidents
  • ※1 Ratio of quality accidents at Lintec Corp., Tokyo Lintec Kako, Inc. and Shonan Lintec Kako, Inc.
  • ※2 Ratio to the number recorded in fiscal 2003 as 100%.
Naomi Seki

Naomi Seki
Senior Staff, Quality Management Section, Quality Assurance Department
Agatsuma Plant

Responding to Customer Demands by Taking Various Measures for Quality Management

At the Agatsuma Plant, we take various measures to respond to customers' requests concerning process management. One of such measures is to establish a specialized group for quality management of suppliers, at the stage of accepting raw materials. This has enabled efficient supplier audits, conclusion of purchase specifications, and quality improvement requests. In addition, we prevent outflow of abnormal products and improve the process at various stages by expanding the scope of SPC*. As the number of customers who wish to receive periodic reports on the process data is increasing year by year, we are also responding to such requests.

We will keep in mind the policy of the Agatsuma Plant - "Quality is the Pillar of Business Operation. Let us Step Forward with Customers" - and engage in quality management with sincerity.

  • *SPC: SPC stands for Statistical Process Control. It is a method used to detect changes in a process by taking small samples frequently.

Assessment of health and safety impacts

The Lintec Group handles many materials for industrial products, which relate to a large component of its businesses. Being aware that some of the materials we offer contain hazardous chemicals, we work to ensure that such materials will never affect users, specifically by selecting appropriate raw materials in compliance with standards and guidelines based on the RoHS Directive, the Industrial Safety and Health Act, and other regulations, while implementing measures to prevent contamination during manufacturing processes. In fiscal 2018, no noncompliance or violation was reported in relation to our business activities.

Communicating with Customers

Exhibiting at Exhibitions in and Outside Japan

Exhibited at ECO PRODUCTS 2018

Exhibited at ECO PRODUCTS 2018

In order to communicate with even more customers, Lintec actively participates in exhibitions held in and outside Japan. In fiscal 2018, Lintec took part in a total of 52 exhibitions and received valuable feedback on its products and technologies.

Fiscal 2018 Exhibitions
Japan Outside Japan
  • Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018
  • JAPANTEX 2018
  • Converting Technology Exhibition: Neo Functional Material 2019
  • LABELEXPO SOUTHEAST ASIA 2018 (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Philippine Semiconductor & Electronics Convention and Exhibition 2018 (Pasay, Phillipines)
  • SEMICON West 2018 (San Francisco, U.S.A)
  • All China Leather Exhibition 2018 (Shanghai, China)
  • SEMICON Taiwan 2018 (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • NEPCON Vietnam 2018 (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
  • LABELEXPO AMERICAS 2018 (Rosemont, U.S.A)
  • SEMA Show 2018 (Las Vegas, US)
  • Pharmapack 2019 (Paris, France)
  • SEMICON China 2019 (Shanghai, China)