CSR Report2019

07The Japanese government has presented a numerical target of reducing CO2 emissions by 26% below the scal 2013 level by scal 2030. Our company has set a voluntary target to reduce them by 30% below the scal 2013 level by scal 2030 and plans to invest in necessary equipment. What is important here is to both reduce CO2 and increase productivity. Comprehensive energy saving not only reduces CO2 emissions but also reins in manufacturing costs. We will make efforts to reduce CO2 emissions during transportation, in addition to the emissions by our company itself.Environmental problems concerning plastic waste have been attracting attention in recent years. To prevent an enormous amount of plastic waste from ooding into the ocean and protect the ecosystem, there is a global trend toward plastic-free living. For our company, which manufactures and sells adhesive lms, this is a risk that threatens existing businesses. By taking advantage of new technologies, such as biodegradable lms, we have been speeding up our work to develop alternative products.To identify and respond to all risks concerning our business and corporate management, the Corporate Risk Management Committee was established in April 2018. The Committee consists of executive general managers and general managers of of ces under the direct control of the president. At the moment, it is addressing the issues raised in the group-wide risk survey put to managers.Risks are not limited to external factors, such as climate change and disasters. To maintain the soundness of management, the Corporate Governance Committee was established in December 2018. The Committee provides advice and makes suggestions to the Board of Directors on remuneration of corporate of cers as well as on appointment and dismissal of directors, with the aim of improving the objectivity and transparency of corporate governance.Through such initiatives we intend to enhance risk management as well as identify opportunities, which is the ip side of risks.Aiming at Further Growth with CSR Activities Based on “Sincerity and Creativity”To ful ll our responsibility as a global company, we engage in community-based CSR activities at sites of overseas group companies. Mangrove planting in Indonesia, carried out in cooperation with people in the local community, is one such initiative. It aims not only to conserve the rich ecosystem through tree planting but also to promote coexistence with local communities. Various CSR activities in and outside Japan are opportunities to practice the company motto, “Sincerity and Creativity.”All employees will continue to bear “Sincerity and Creativity” in mind, and we will drive forward group-wide CSR activities informed by the SDGs to achieve further growth.To communicate our CSR activities broadly to the public and all employees, this report clearly summarizes the results of our CSR activities during scal 2018.We would appreciate the continued support and guidance of all our stakeholders.Message from the President*3 ESG: ESG collectively refers to the following three elements: environmental, social, and governance. It is used as an index to judge whether a company can achieve sustainable growth.A building with window lms that block solar heatThe SDGs Committee’s discussions for addressing social issues through our core businessCooperating with the community through mangrove planting

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