CSR Report2019

05Medium-Term Business Plan LIP-2019(From the FY ending March 2018 to the FY ending March 2020)Deepening innovation aimed at driving new growthBasic policies1. Strengthening of regional strategy2. Creation of new value3. Bolstering the corporate structure4. Activities for realizing a sustainable societyKey initiativesRobust Performance of Overseas Businesses due to Enhanced Governance and Business RestructuringBased on the spirit of the company motto, “Sincerity and Creativity,” as well as the concepts of “linkage” and “technology,” from which the company name is derived, Lintec has achieved steady growth by integrating its unique core technologies, namely, technologies for adhesive applications, for surface improvement, for system development, and for specialty papers and release materials production, at a high level. The company has been globalizing its business by offering various products that meet the needs of society and expanding its business scope.Fiscal 2018, the second year of the three-year medium-term business plan, LINTEC INNOVATION PLAN 2019 (LIP-2019), was an important year for the company. Although operating pro t fell below the target, sales slightly exceeded the previous year’s gure. The main reason for the downward pressure on the pro t was an increase in raw fuel prices.Meanwhile, in a signi cant accomplishment, overseas companies enjoyed robust performance. For example, Madico, Inc., a window lm manufacturer and seller in the United States, moved into the black, and Lintec (Thailand) Co., Ltd. integrated manufacturing and sales by merging with the distributor. In addition, the full- edged launch of Lintec Asia Paci c Regional Headquarters Private Limited in Singapore, which oversees business in the ASEAN region and India, supported the growth of overseas group companies. We hope to actively promote locally hired employees and increase the number of presidents and corporate of cers from the ASEAN region.Each employee engages in CSR activities based on “Sincerity and Creativity,” being aware of the issues we face.Message from the PresidentHiroyuki NishioRepresentative Director, President, CEO and COOLINTEC Corporation

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