CSR Report2019

Introduction of Cogeneration SystemsLintec has introduced cogeneration systems that produce and supply electric power and heat from the heat source.The Kumagaya Plant and Doi Plant have introduced gas engine cogeneration systems, which use LNG and other types of fuel, generate and supply electric power to operate various production facilities, and collect, using steam, and utilize heat generated at the time of power generation.The system at the Kumagaya Plant started its full- edged operation in April 2018, reducing emissions by approximately 4,100 tons CO2/year compared with the previous scal year. At the Doi Plant, the system started its full- edged operation in October 2018, and it is expected to reduce emissions by approximately 4,000 tons CO2/year.*4 Scope 2: CO2 or other greenhouse gas emissions generated by other companies in the production of energy, such as electricity and steam, purchased by the reporting company*5 CDP: CDP is an international NGO that calls for disclosure of corporate information on environmental affairs (climate change, water, forest, etc.) and issues regular analysis reports. The Carbon Disclosure Project, established in 2000, is the precursor of CDP.Gas engine cogeneration system introduced at the Kumagaya PlantEmissionsinto the atmosphereWasteProductsRelease into water bodiesPulp111,000tonsPaper35,500tonsAdhesive20,900tonsRelease agents2,600tonsOrganic solvents 9,700tonsOther chemicals 35,400tonsMechanical parts 500tonsSpecialty papers 71,000tons41,000tons110,000tonsAdhesive-related equipment 1,100tonsWaste generated 11,430● Waste emittedtons7,110· Effective external utilization 4,280· Incineration40· Final landll disposaltonstonstons9,680● Effective internal utilizationtons7,830● Sale of valuable materialstonsCO2Efuent (Kumagaya Plant, Mishima Plant)5,871,000m3SOx8.4tonsNOx76.8tonsSoot and dust 1.4tonsSubstances subject to the PRTR500tonsINPUTOUTPUTRaw materialprocurementR&DSalesManufacturingBusinessActivitiesof LintecRawmaterialsEnergyWaterProcessing materials (release paper, etc.)Adhesive productsFilm34,800tons● Self-generated electricityIndustrial-use water54,000klPurchased powerFuel (crude oil conversion)51,000 MWh(Crude oil equivalent 13,000 kl)148,000(Crude oil equivalent 37,000 kl)MWh28,940tons179,200tonsBreakdown of CO2 emissionsDirect emissions· Bunker-A oil· Utility gas · LPG etc.● Scope 1*3Indirect emissions from energy· Electricity● Scope 2*487,300 tons CO291,900 tons CO28,484,000m3*2******Material Flow Organizations covered: Lintec Corporation (Head Of ce, 10 production sites, and Research Center) and Tokyo Lintec Kako, Inc.As gures with * are information collected based on the Energy Conservation Act, they have undergone third-party veri cation by SGS Japan, Inc.Scope of veri cation for gures with ◆ is equivalent to 98% of the conventional gures reported. In responding to CDP,*5 we have been expanding the scope through total volume control.29Social ReportGovernanceEnvironmental Report

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