CSR Report2019

Safety and Disaster PreventionPlease visit our website for relevant topics, such as workers with a high risk of acquiring occupation-related diseases.The Lintec Group continues to operate the Occupational Safety and Health Policy, which it established based on an occupational safety and health management system (OSHMS).*1 According to the policy, annual safety and health plans are developed. Relevant activities are carried out in accordance with the plans, which set targets and specic activities for individual priority actions. Activity results are evaluated by way of internal audit and management review to assist activities in the following scal year.Safety and Health Committee and Health CommitteeEvery month, the Lintec Group plants in and outside Japan hold Safety and Health Committee meetings while the Head Ofce, Iidabashi Ofce, and Osaka Branch hold Health Committee meetings. Additionally, Lintec holds a corporate Safety Convention every year. The convention was held at the Tatsuno Plant in April 2018 and at the Mishima Plant in May 2019.1Ensuring occupational health and safetyLintec Group’s thinkingMaterialityAnnual Safety and Health PlansEach scal year, the Lintec Group formulates annual plans for safety and health activities. The plans indicate top management policies and set priority action items to realize the policies, including safety patrols, risk assessment,*2 and safety education. More specic activities and targets are set for the priority action items and are reected in safety and health activities. The results of activities and the progress are reported in the monthly Safety and Health Committee meetings, and all members of the Committee engage in discussions on improvement. By implementing such PDCA cycles that lead to the next round of initiatives, the Lintec Group continues to step up its safety and health activities.Toward Zero Accidents Resulting in Absence from WorkIn scal 2018, there was one serious accident involving a worker becoming caught. The number of days of absence from work signicantly increased from the previous scal year.Harassment PreventionLintec promotes initiatives to prevent harassment with the aim of establishing a better workplace environment, where each employee can make active contributions.In scal 2019, a training program for harassment prevention to improve the workplace environment was provided for all employees at each business site of Lintec and its group companies in Japan, and a consultation contact point for harassment was newly established, prior to the enforcement of laws to prevent workplace bullying in April 2020.As what an actual harassment case involves and how it is interpreted may differ from case to case and person to person, the contact point offers consultation with a psychology expert from an external institution.Committee ScopeActivitiesSafety and Health CommitteePlants, Research Center■ Implement plans■ Share information, incl. disaster occurrence, safety education implementation status, facilities inspection results, feedback and improvements found during patrolHealth CommitteeHead Ofce and plants having a sales section■ Discuss health, safe driving, and disaster prevention activities■ Committees on workplace safety and healthMonth achievedBusiness siteAchievement2019MarchAgatsuma PlantNo accidents in the yearTokyo Lintec Kako, Inc.No accidents in the yearChiba PlantNo accidents in the yearShingu Plant (incl. Niihama)No accidents in the year■ Accident-free achievements in fiscal 2018 (April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019)*FY2016 FY2017 FY2018*Number of accidents resulting in absence from work523Number of days of absence from work20716177Location of accidentsLintec Corp., partner companiesLintec Corp., partner companiesLintec Corp., partner companies■ Occurrence of accidents resulting in absence from work*1 OSHMS: It is a voluntary management system operated by a business operator with an aim to improve the safety and health level of its business sites.*2 Risk assessment: Evaluating risks to set safety standards24

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