CSR Report2019

Targets and Current Status of Initiatives Based on the Female Empowerment Promotion ActRespect for Human Rights in Labor Management and EducationThe Lintec Group believes that compliance forms a foundation forits activities and thoroughly adheres to both social rules and relevant laws and regulations in and outside Japan. This also applies to the recruitment and treatment of employees. Labor management is performed in accordance with relevant laws. Unfair discrimination, child labor, and harassment are prohibited.Lintec incorporates human rights education into its rank-based training programs. In scal 2019, Lintec provided 42 new employees who joined the company during the scal year with “UN Global Compact and CSR” training and provided sexual harassment and workplace bullying training during training programs for newly appointed section chiefs and managers.Work-life BalanceAchieving work-life balance is indispensable to help employees perform their jobs with peace of mind and exercise the full range of their abilities.For creating workplace environments where diverse employees can make active contributions and promoting career development, the Diversity Committee leads discussions and the implementation of multifaceted initiatives.*4 Average during the three-year period of the plan from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2019*5 Percentage of each gender in management positions*6 Managers: Managers as dened in each country or at each site*7 “Turnover within three years of employees hired as new graduates,” “use of programs,” and “company-wide rank-based training programs: participants and training hours” above indicate gures of Lintec Corporation.Total employees[Male]2,228*87%[Female]345*13%Managers47598%*5Managers102%*5Total employees5,867[Male]4,627*79%[Female]1,240*21%Managers75286%*5Managers12014%*5*2,573(Outside Japan: as of December 31, 2018; In Japan: as of March 31, 2019)Total employees[Male]2,228*87%[Female]345*13%Managers47598%*5Managers102%*5Total employees5,867[Male]4,627*79%[Female]1,240*21%Managers75286%*5Managers12014%*5*2,573■ Number of employees by gender: Lintec Corporation■ Number of employees by gender: Lintec Group (incl. non-consolidated companies)Plan period: 3 years from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2019TargetFY2016FY2017FY2018(1) Raise the average*4 percentage of females in the total number of new hires (graduated from university/graduate school) to over 30%32.5%34.2%32.4%(2) Raise the percentage of female supervisors (section chiefs) to over 10%5.4%6.3%7.2%Training for new employees Company-wide rank-based training programs: participants and training hours*7*Total participants Total training hours6597,035 hours Employees by region and by gender (persons)(Outside Japan: as of December 31, 2018; In Japan: as of March 31, 2019)MaleFemaleTotalJapan2,9876503,637Asia1,0713641,435Other569226795Total4,6271,2405,867 Local employees at sites outside Japan (persons)MaleFemaleTotalTotal number of employees1,7435902,333Total number of local employees1,6405902,230Managers*6209108317 Use of programs*7*ProgramFY2016FY2017FY2018Family care leave program (persons)001Family care time off (persons)130Accumulated time off (persons)867489Childbirth leave (persons)192319Childcare leave (persons)253639Child nursing care time off program (persons)979Shorter hours/ex time (persons)313645Paid social contribution time off (persons)26(Total 55.5 days)21(Total 54 days)38(Total 71.5 days)Percentage of paid leave taken (%)61.664.065.2 Three-year turnover of employees hired as new graduates*7* (persons)JoinedLeftTurnoverNew employees joined in 2016 (group-wide)7856.4%Male5811.7%Female20420%Related Data23Social ReportGovernanceEnvironmental Report

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