CSR Report2019

Disclosing Product InformationTo ensure customers’ safe and secure use of our products, the Lintec Group provides product information in various forms, including publication of a safety data sheet (SDS), responding to surveys on chemical substances contained in products, technical documents describing product characteristics, and preparation of product speci cations that state product structure and physical property standards. Characteristics of products, featured products, and lineups are found on the Lintec website and in the in-house magazine. We will continue to produce high-quality products and disclose information properly.Promoting One-stop DevelopmentLintec’s Research & Development Division promotes “one-stop development,” which considers the mass production process simultaneously with product design. In handling dif cult development topics in scal 2018, before trial manufacturing of production machines we incorporated advance veri cation using test coating facilities for mass production into the design and development ow by taking advantage of FMEA.*3 This signi cantly reduced defects and problems in trial manufacturing of production machines as well as returns to sections that designed the development topic. To be able to handle materials for development that have a range of acidities or alkalinities, we will make efforts to enhance ancillary facilities of test coating facilities for mass production.Cooperating with Suppliers*6 REACH Regulation: A chemical substance regulation in the EU on the “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals.” Registration is required when exporting a chemical substance into EU states in quantities of one metric ton or more per year. Noti cation must also be submitted to the authorities when a chemical substance falling under the category of “candidate for required authorization” is present in a product at more than 0.1 percent of the mass of the object.*7 chemSHERPA: A scheme, recommended by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, for communicating information about chemical substances contained in products. The mechanism is aimed at properly managing chemical substances contained in products across supply chains, from upstream to downstream, to ensure continued compliance with tighter regulations.Considering all suppliers as “partners who should grow together with Lintec,” the Lintec Group strives to establish relationships built on trust with them. When selecting suppliers, we evaluate them appropriately based on the principle of free competition. We engage in fair and transparent transactions, and ensure legal and ethical compliance in our procurement activities.Green ProcurementFor procurement with lower environmental impact, the Lintec Group is ensuring thorough chemical substance management for raw materials, parts, and secondary materials. We conduct investigations into substances contained not only in new materials that we procure for the rst time but also in materials that we have continuously procured in order to ensure compliance with new regulations.In scal 2018, we asked suppliers to respond to our survey based on the REACH Regulation*6 (19th and 20th candidate lists) and chemSHERPA*7 (version 1.06), covering around 5,000 raw materials. Together with suppliers, we will continue to promote environmental protection activities and ensure control of chemical substances.12Conducting human rights due diligence*5Developing business models for local production & consumption in emerging countriesLintec Group’s thinkingMaterialityAccelerating Product Development with Test Coating Facilities for Mass ProductionThe Release Materials Labs take advantage of test coating facilities for mass production to provide samples with quality equivalent to that of products manufactured at plants to customers in a timely manner, and expedite product development. In scal 2018, we used test coating facilities for mass production in considering application of highly smooth lms expected to be employed as next-generation release lms and in producing highly concentrated release agents to reduce VOC*4 emissions.We will collaborate with plants and promote the development of high-performance products that respond to the needs of the market by using the facilities for the selection of new facilities and other purposes.Shunsuke Murashima Release Materials Labs Product Research DepartmentResearch Center Research & Development DivisionThe Release Materials Labs take advantage of test coating facilities for mass production to provide samples Voice21Please visit our website for relevant topics, such as assessment and improvement at suppliers and BCP with suppliers.Social ReportGovernanceEnvironmental Report

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