CSR Report2019

Company MottoSincerity and CreativityThe foundation of the Lintec Group’s CSR is its company motto, “Sincerity and Creativity.” These are the ideals that everyone in the group aspires to.“Sincerity” means thinking about what can be done that will be of bene t and appreciated and tackling every task with all one’s heart. “Creativity” means to work constantly to innovate and improve, seeking greater added value without being satis ed with the status quo.Showing integrity to all stakeholders and taking on new challenges over and over again with a determination to innovate is the starting point for a manufacturer dedicated to craftsmanship.“Start with Sincerity and then apply Creativity”—this is Lintec’s unchanging approach and the driving force that underpins its sustainable growth.LINTEC WAYImportant values supporting the company mottoFive Rules of Sincerity1. Always be sincere.2. Faithfulness opens people’s mind.3. Please people.4. Be a giver.5. Care about colleagues and family.Five Rules of Creativity1. Be committed until you succeed.2. Be proud of being unique.3. Be resilient and take advantage of changes.4. Think globally.5. Look for connections to potential everywhere.

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