CSR Report2019

Risk ManagementThe Lintec Group established the Corporate Risk Management Committee in April 2018 to further enhance its risk management system. The Committee consists of executive general managers and general managers of ofces under the direct control of the president, and engages in the identication of the actual state of affairs of the company as well as in risk analysis. The Committee strives to prevent problems by identifying all possible risks associated with company management and working at making improvements throughout the Group according to the degree of urgency and importance. The chair of the Corporate Risk Management Committee reports on the activities of the Committee to the Board of Directors twice a year, thereby sharing information, receiving instructions, and improving the risk management ability.Legal Education for Top Management and EmployeesTo promote understanding of corporate legal affairs, Lintec provides directors and executive ofcers with a top-management training program. In scal 2018, we held two training sessions, one on laws and one on accounting. In addition to this training for top management, we are incorporating legal training into rank-based training programs for newly appointed managers and newly appointed section chiefs. We also hold legal training sessions for mid-level employees in charge of sales.In addition, Legal News is published six times a year to provide information related to legal affairs to employees of the Lintec Group. At the end of the scal year, an e-learning program is provided so that employees can review the contents. We will continue to make efforts to raise the level of understanding of corporate legal affairs.Global Surveys on Human Rights and Labor StandardsThe Lintec Group conducts a survey once a year to monitor working conditions and human rights. The survey covers a wide range of items, including legal compliance, elimination of discrimination, respect for human rights, prohibition of child labor, prohibition of forced labor, wages, working hours, dialogue and negotiation with employees, safe/healthy working environments, and human resource development.As a result of the survey in February 2019*, it was conrmed that all sites comply with local and regional laws and regulations, that the Lintec Group Compliance Guidelines are well understood by employees, and that Lintec employees work in a healthy and safe working environment where their fundamental human rights are respected. We will continue this regular survey every year to understand our current conditions, and improve them.Related Data Outside Directors Total amount of executive compensation No. of Board of Directors meetings● No. of meetings 14● Attendance of directors (%) 99.5 Attendance of outside directors (%) 98.2 No. of Audit & Supervisory Committee meetings● No. of meetings 13● Attendance of committee members (%) 100 Attendance of outside committee members (%) 100Executive categoryTotal compensation (million yen)Total compensation by category (million yen)No. of ofcers covered (persons)Basic compensationRestricted stocksBonusDirector (excl. Audit & Supervisory Committee member) (excl. outside director)401289387411Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee member) (excl. outside director)1919--1Outside director2121--4■ Legal News published in fiscal 2018Publication monthNo.TitleJune 201822EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)July 201823How will our work style change? Overview of the work style reform billOctober 201824A good relationship with social media, such as LINEInformation Security Rules of LintecNovember 201825Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors (2)January 201926Act against Unjustiable Premiums and Misleading RepresentationsMarch 201927Summary of news between April 2018 and March 2019Kazumori FukushimaDirector(Managing Executive Ofcer, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.)Kazumori Fukushima enhances the supervisory function of Lintec’s Board of Directors by drawing on his experience as an ofcer, as well as the knowledge and experience he acquired in production and sales capacities, at Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.Toru NozawaDirector / Audit & Supervisory Committee Member(Director, Managing Executive Ofcer, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.; Director, Nippon Paper Crecia Co., Ltd.)Toru Nozawa audits and supervises Lintec’s Board of Directors by drawing on his experience as an ofcer, as well as the knowledge and experience he acquired in an administrative capacity, at Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.Satoshi OhokaDirector / Audit & Supervisory Committee Member(Lecturer, Chuo University Graduate School of Commerce; Outside Director, Ryobi Limited)Satoshi Ohoka audits and supervises Lintec’s Board of Directors by drawing on his experience in policy-based nancial institutions, his rich international experience, his specialized academic experience, and the knowledge and experience he acquired as an outside director in other industries.Kanako OsawaDirector / Audit & Supervisory Committee Member(Lawyer at Kajitani Law Ofces)Kanako Osawa audits and supervises Lintec’s Board of Directors by drawing on her advanced legal knowledge, broad insights, and knowledge and experience acquired in corporate legal affairs in and outside Japan.17Social ReportGovernanceEnvironmental Report

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