CSR Report2019

Through the SDGs Committee, I was able to reacknowledge the wide range of businesses our Group has. I feel that we have produced a small but real bud of innovation.We will be formulating how the Lintec Group should be in 2030 and implementing speci c initiatives. In doing so, I will contribute to addressing social issues at the frontline of manufacturing.● From SDGs Committee membersShunsuke OchiaiSenior Staff Production Technology SectionTatsuno PlantHidetomo InoueSubsection Manager Fine & Specialty Paper Technology SectionFine & Specialty Paper Production DepartmentKumagaya PlantI was able to learn how important corporate philosophy and being future-oriented is in addressing social issues. My goal is to make the company an organization that my child is amazed by in the future.Satoshi HirumaSenior Staff Corporate Strategic Of ceDeepening my understanding of the SDGs has had a positive impact on my day-to-day work. I have become accustomed to spontaneously thinking about the connection between the topic of development and current social issues.Hideki NumazawaManagerNew Materials Research DepartmentResearch CenterAddressing Social Issues through BusinessActivities of the SDGs Committee15To Share a Common Vision for the Future with All EmployeesThe Lintec Group upholds the company motto of “Sincerity and Creativity” and a mission statement that reads: “For tomorrow we build today.” Based on such principles, the SDGs*1 Committee was established to think about a sustainable future and accelerate the creation of businesses that will contribute to addressing social issues. The Committee comprises 26 members from a wide variety of sections, including research, production, sales, corporate strategy, and general affairs, and has been studying the SDGs since February 2018. It has also engaged in a series of discussions on how our Group should work on the SDGs.For the Lintec Group to incorporate SDGs into corporate management and proceed with relevant activities in a structured way, it is most important to share a common vision for the future with all employees. To this end, the SDGs Committee concluded its activities for scal 2018 by discussing what the Lintec Group should be like in 2030. The aim is to share the status of our Group in 2030, the year by which the SDGs should be achieved, with all employees, to carry out what we should do now, and to work toward how we should be. In March 2019, a proposal was made to top management, including the chairman and the president. The Committee continues to hold a series of discussions to formulate our ideal for the Group.Work of Each Employee is Linked to SocietyThrough such activities, members of the SDGs Committee reaf rmed the fact that the work of each employee is linked to society as well as the importance of looking ahead to heed the cues of society, while continuing to value the opinions of customers.The Committee also realized that embracing new ideas and diversity as well as proactively offering information through open interactions in and outside the company is important to generate innovation that can address social issues.Work toward 2030 has just started. In the global eld, each employee will bear in mind what kind of group we want to be and take on the challenge to address social issues.*1 For SDGs, see page 06.Highlight2

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